Woman reveals name-brand items you can snag at Dollar Tree for $1 – including Maybelline mascara, Lysol wipes & more

A WOMAN revealed name-brand items you can snag for just $1 at Dollar Tree.

Many of the items are brand-name – and would cost five to seven times as much at other stores.

The shopping hack was revealed by YouTuber Couponing For A Cause.

Walking through the store, she showed off new items at Dollar Tree that can be found for a bargain.

Most items at Dollar Tree are $1.

As she went through the makeup aisle, she revealed a range of items – including eyeshadow palettes, eye liners, setting spray, and more – all for just $1.

"Look guys they do have the Maybelline Snapscara. They have it in black cherry and they also have it in the ultraviolet," she said of the colors available.

She said the items are sold at CVS for $7.59 each – meaning they're 86percent cheaper at Dollar Tree.

The YouTuber then went to where the facemasks are, and revealed Garnier facemasks.

She said they would normally cost $5 at CVS, meaning they can be snagged for a fraction of the cost at Dollar Tree.

"Oh my god guys, this is an amazing find," she told her followers.

She then revealed Maybelline nail polish two-packs.

"That's like $0.50 a piece," she said as she showed off the packages.

The polishes come in a range of colors.

Individual nail polishes can cost around $5 upwards at other stores.

Couponing For A Cause continued revealing other items – including embroidery patterns, mini chalk board signs, storage and snapware containers, baskets, and a 2-in-1 flashlight – all for a bargain.

She then revealed Lysol to-go travel wipe packs – with 15 wipes.

"I'm loving this find," she told her followers.

A set of six packs of travel wipes cost around $20 at other stores – meaning it's a steal for just $1 each at Dollar Tree.

Couponing For A Cause does frequent shopping videos – showing how people can save money at stores like CVS, Burlington Coat Factory, Walgreens, and more.

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