What is World Whisky Day and how is it celebrated?

WHISKY lovers around the world celebrate their favourite tipple of choice each year on World Whisky Day.

The organisers say the day is about making whisky fun for all and "not about being exclusive or prescriptive".

What is World Whisky Day?

Founded in 2012, World Whisky Day is about celebrating all things whisky – or whiskey depending on who you ask.

It falls on the third Saturday of May every year, making 2022 the tenth anniversary.

The idea is to encourage people from seasoned specialists to whisky newbies to try a dram and experiment.

In 2021 the founders held the first World Whisky Weekender, full of speakers, distillery virtual tours and of course tasting.


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Even if you don't attend the event, World Whisky Day is a love of all things whisky and aims to introduce people to the drink.

How is World Whisky Day celebrated?

As with most events, you can use #WorldWhiskyDay on most social media to share your whisky themed celebrations.

Check whether any pubs or bars in your area are offering deals or even a whisky themed quiz for you to enjoy.

Just pouring yourself a whisky on the rocks is enough to take part in the celebrations.

However you like your drink, whether it's neat or in a cocktail, just enjoy the alcoholic beverage on World Whisky Day.

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If you've never even tried the drink, it's a great excuse to push yourself and try something new.

As always, drink responsibly and know your own limits.

What are the best whisky cocktails to try on World Whisky Day?

There are many cocktails you can try that include whisky, although many think you can only drink it neat or on the rocks.

Here are some easy cocktails you can try:

  • Old Fashioned
  • Whisky Sour
  • Irish Coffee
  • Classic Whisky Highball
  • Bourbon Mojito
  • Whisky and Apple Juice
  • Kentucky Royale
  • Brown Derby
  • Sazerac
  • Hot Toddy

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There are plenty of whisky-based cocktails around ranging from fruity to sour.

If you're unsure about drinking whisky straight then mixing yourself a delicious cocktail might make the drink more accessible.

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