What are the five new Christmas Covid rules revealed by Boris Johnson tonight?

BORIS Johnson has made an announcement regarding new coronavirus rules to follow at Christmas.

The Prime Minister insisted that families will be able to see each other over the festive period, but urged Brits to be as safe as possible.

What are the five new Christmas Covid rules revealed by Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson outlined five rules to try and keep the nation safe over the Christmas period:

1) A smaller Christmas is a safer Christmas – cut the number of bubbles and days of socialising if you can

Mr Johnson warned the nation was "already seeing worrying rises in some parts of the country" and it was "vital that everyone exercises the greatest possible personal responsibility".

He added: "The overall situation is, alas, worse and more challenging than we'd hoped when we first set the rules.

"We are collectively, across the UK government, at every level, asking you to think hard, and in detail about the days ahead, and whether you can do more to protect yourself and others while keeping the laws, the same, but we all want to send the same message."

2) Keep it local: Don't travel from higher tiers to lower ones

The UK was placed into a three-tier system earlier in 2020, with tier 1 being considered the medium tier with a lower rate of infection.

Tier 2 meanwhile is known as the high tier with a slightly higher rate of infection.

Tier 3 is the very high group with the highest rate of infection, which London, along with south and west Essex and south Hertfordshire, were placed into on Wednesday December 16 2020.

The PM urged everyone to be smart and not travel from a higher tier to a lower one, in order to help stop the spread.

3) Isolate beforehand: cut contacts five days before you see other households

The PM told the nation: "A smaller Christmas is going to be a safer Christmas and a shorter Christmas is a safer Christmas.

"When we say three households can meet on five days, I want to stress that these are maximums not targets to aim for.

"So, have yourselves a Merry little Christmas and I'm afraid this year, I do mean little.”

Tier rules are set to be relaxed from the December 23-27 2020, and Boris was urged to rethink his plans to relax restrictions, which involving scrapping social distancing and travel rules.

4) Think of the vulnerable: avoid seeing them if you can

The elderly are still the most vulnerable to catching coronavirus and are first in line for the Pfizer vaccine.

The Prime Minister stressed that just because three families can meet it up, it doesn't mean they necessarily should.

He also mentioned that everyone must take personal responsibilities to keep themselves and their families safe.

Boris didn't say exactly how many households should meet up and left it up to the people to make their own decisions.

5) Ditch Boxing Day crowds and don't party at New Year: to keep risk down

Boris Johnson warned Brits not to party with pals and gather in crowds on New Year's Eve and to avoid the Boxing Day sales.

Not a single person will be able to ring in the New Year with a toast in the pub as venues have been told by the Government they must be closed by 11pm.

With pub trips banned for millions in Tier 3 areas, the PM also warned against large crowds gathering outdoors.

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