Wally the walrus heads home to the Arctic after six-month trip around UK and Europe

WALLY the walrus is heading home to the Arctic after his six-month holiday around the UK and Europe.

The 2,000lb wanderer — believed to have got lost in March after dozing off on an ice sheet floating south — has reached Iceland.

It was feared the four-year-old had died after 22 days with no sighting but experts are certain of the latest report.

They reckon Wally covered up to 4,000-miles on his odyssey.

He first swam into the spotlight off Ireland in March before turning up off Wales, Cornwall and the Scilly Isles.

Then came France, Spain, the Scilly Isles again and, before his latest appearance, Ireland again.

Tourists flocked to see Wally at each port of call but boat owners were less keen.

Wally — the size of a large cow and able to eat 6,000 clams a day — caused thousands of pounds damage by clambering on to fishing vessels and pleasure craft for a nap.

An attempt was made to tug a boat he was on out to sea but he swam back to port.

A plan to stun Wally and haul him to deeper waters was dropped over fears he may die.

Seal Rescue Ireland, which last saw him, is now confident he will survive his adventure.

They are certain the Iceland walrus is Wally after conferring and comparing snaps with British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

A spokesman said: “We’re over the moon that he’s alive, well and on his way home.

“He was seen swimming back out to sea last night (and even managed to avoid sinking any boats while he was there)!

“Hopefully he’ll be reunited with his own kind again soon.”

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