USPS sweeps find 1,700 ballots in Pennsylvania ahead of deadline

About 1,700 ballots turned up Thursday at post offices across Pennsylvania ahead of a deadline to deliver uncounted votes to election officials.

In a court filing early Friday, the United States Postal Service said 1,076 ballots were found at its processing center in Philadelphia, about 300 were discovered in Pittsburgh and 266 were uncovered at a Lehigh Valley facility.

More ballots were also found at other Pennsylvania processing centers.

Ballots must be received by Friday evening in the Keystone State in order to be counted.

The ballots were found as part of court-mandated sweeps of facilities amid the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots this presidential election.

Some 500 ballots were also discovered in North Carolina during sweeps, USPS said Friday.

The embattled agency was ordered on Thursday to conduct twice-daily sweeps at facilities serving states with extended ballot deadlines as votes continue to be counted in swing states across the country.

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan said the sweeps must be done “to ensure that any identified local ballots can be delivered that day.”

Some states, including Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, are still counting ballots that are received after Election Day as long as they were postmarked by Tuesday.

The USPS delivered about 150,000 ballots on Wednesday, lawyers at a court hearing said on Thursday.

“The vast majority were destined for postmark states and would be delivered on-time under state election law,” USPS said.

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