Top cop 'divorces wife after she was caught on camera with another man at US Capitol riot' and later arrested

A TOP cop has reportedly divorced his wife after she was caught on camera with another man at a US Capitol riot and later arrested for her actions on January 6.

Jennifer Heinl, the wife of Michael Heinl, a detective for Shaler Police Department, was arrested and charged by federal authorities for entering the US Capitol during the riot, which left five dead and more than 140 people injured.

Hundreds of President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in a stunning bid to overturn his election defeat.

They battled police in the hallways and delayed the certification of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden's victory for hours.

Heinl, of Ross Township, Pennsylvania, was one of Trump’s supporters who attended the riot. 

According to the FBI, the 55-year-old had been spotted in the Capitol Rotunda with another rioter, Kenneth Grayson, who lived in nearby Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.

Grayson was also arrested and charged in late January, for crimes relating to his actions in the Capitol riot. He had been spotted wearing a Qanon sweater and live streaming the violence, the Daily Mail reported.

The pair had reportedly been in contact via Facebook in the weeks between the November 3 election and the riots on January 6. 

Their discussions had allegedly ranged from travel to Washington, hotel accommodation and rental car arrangements – though Jennifer has denied staying in the same hotel as her fellow Trump supporter.

Jennifer was arrested on Thursday and charged with several federal crimes; including disorderly conduct and violent entry.

According to federal investigators, the Trump supporter was pictured in surveillance footage speaking to Grayson at the riots.

Jennifer’s husband, Michael Heinl, filed for divorce from his wife in February, a month after the storming of the Capitol.

Michael, a highly-regarded Pittsburgh area police detective, also heads the hostage negotiation unit for the SWAT team in a Pittsburgh suburb.

His boss, Police Chief Sean Frank, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Friday that Michael pleaded with his wife not to go to Washington, DC on January 6.

Heinl had allegedly told the FBI in late January that she had fallen out of touch with Grayson.

She had arrived in Washington alone on January 5, she said, and left the day after, according to court papers.

She told investigators she met Grayson at the Ellipse near the White House, and denied entering the US Capitol building. 

But an arrest affidavit filed by the FBI included a photograph, reportedly found in a search of Grayson’s ipad, that they said showed the pair at the Capitol together.

Police documents also alleged that Grayson live-streamed a video of himself on Facebook, showing scenes from inside the Capitol.

Facebook users who had seen the video contacted the FBI and identified Grayson.

The MAGA supporter was charged in Pittsburgh federal court in late January, for knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building; disorderly conduct impeding government business; disruptive conduct in the Capitol building; parading, demonstrating or picketing in the Capitol; and obstructing an official proceeding.

Michael’s boss, Police Chief Sean Frank, said he was an "excellent employee" and confirmed that Michael knew his wife was “a part of that situation”.

“He didn’t condone it,” he said.

“He didn’t ask her to go there. He wasn’t there. He was here working.’

While Frank said Michael had informed him that his wife took part in the violent riot, he said he “did not believe Michael knew” that she was among those who stormed the Capitol building.

The cop filed for divorce from Jennifer weeks after the riot, according to the Post-Gazette.

He was not a subject of the police investigation.

Jennifer had her first appearance in court, in Pittsburgh, on Thursday, and has reportedly been released on a $10,000 unsecured bond.

It comes as the FBI release new Capitol riot videos showing the most horrifying attacks on cops as officers are seen being brutally bashed with bats and rods.

Police have released the footage to track down the "most violent offenders" who breached the iconic building.

The FBI has already nabbed more than 300 people who allegedly took part in the riots.

"Of those, more than 65 were arrested for assaulting law enforcement officers, the FBI said in a press statement.

"However, some of the most violent offenders have yet to be identified, including the 10 seen assaulting officers in the video footage we are releasing.”

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