TikTok family the Smithys targeted in suspected arson attack at South London home

A TIKTOK family have revealed their home was targeted in a suspected arson attack.

The Smithy Family shared a dramatic video of their semi-detached house in South London with their 2.5million followers.

It shows a car gutted by flames in the drive and the home blackened by ther inferno last night.

The family also posted a clip of the house glowing orange with flames.

Dad Nick said: "We all got out the house OK, the kids are fine… the dogs are OK. The house is not OK. The kids are at a safe place.

"To the people who have done this, you could have killed our family and not only our family, my neighbours, my friends. It's unforgivable."


London Fire Brigade said the flames appeared to spread from the burning car to the house.

More than 20 firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze after it erupted yesterday.

The cause of the fire is now being investigated and there have been no arrests.

A LFB spokesperson said: "We were called to reports of a car alight that had spread up the outside of the house.

"There were a number of mobility scooters parked outside which had caught alight and were producing a large amount of smoke and flames.

"Everyone was out of the building before we arrived, and crews worked incredibly hard to prevent further damage to the inside of the property and to neighbouring properties."

Nick Smith and his partner Jess found fame after sharing videos with their kids Jack, Amelia, Isabella and Teddy.

The dad managed to give up work as a builder to become a full time TikTok star earlier this year.

As well as clips showing sweet personal moments and pranks, the family also help out charities and collected around £60,000 worth of gifts for the Salvation Army over Christmas.

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