Terrified mom spots ‘ghost’ on her daughter’s baby monitor after hearing steps…then discovers someone died in her house

A TERRIFIED mom spotted a "ghost" on her daughter’s baby monitor after hearing very spooky footsteps.

She later discovered someone had died in her house before her family moved in.

Lindsey Novosel, 30, from Tennessee, spotted the curious motion on her one-year-old daughter Emilyn’s baby monitor on June 28.

The night vision camera alerted her to motion in the room and, when Lindsey looked on the screen, she found a strange “circle” moving around the space.

She checked on her daughter, who was sound asleep, and didn’t see anything – but the circle continued to move around her as she watched onscreen.  

“It was definitely creepy,” Lindsey, a technical advisor, said.

“We have a night vision camera in my daughter's room that alerts to sound and motion.

“The motion detector alerted me to movement a few times and I checked it to see if my daughter was awake.

“I didn’t see anything the first time but the second time I saw the moving circle. At first I thought it was a bug but usually I can zoom in and see those.

“This didn’t seem to have any actual shape and looked to go into the wall and back out.

“I walked in there to check on her and could not see anything in the room, so I went back to grab my phone – where the camera feed shows – and checked her room again.

“I could see the circle moving around me on the camera feed but could not see anything actually in the room. I walked out of the room and it disappeared off the feed after that.

"It went on for about 10 minutes."

In the video, an odd-looking white circle can be seen floating around the room above Emilyn’s crib.

It disappeared from view several times and appeared to move across the bedroom wall.

This isn’t the first haunting Lindsey has experienced in the house.

She also revealed: “For years now, we have heard footsteps and loud banging in the house.

"It sounds like someone walking around and smashing things, but nothing is out of place.

“There were instances of toys turning on on their own, sounds like jangling keys as someone walked, the lid to the kitchen trash can being lifted off and slammed into the tile four feet away.

“Once I was in bed and had my bedroom door cracked with the hall light on, I could see something pass in front of the light and block it out for a moment, but was home alone, aside from the kids who were in bed.”

Searching for answers to explain the bizarre phenomenon, she looked online for the history of her home last year – and was stunned to find a previous owner had died in the house.

Earlier this week, Lindsey took to Facebook to share the footage of her latest ghostly visit, stating she could see "creepy faces" in the screenshots.

She wrote: “So I don’t really believe in ghost stuff. But my daughters’ camera kept alerting me to movement.

“I thought it was a bug so I went in there with my phone, so I could look at the camera feed, and could see the circle moving around me but couldn’t see anything in the room.

“I’m kinda creeped out.

"I can hear footsteps and stuff banging in the house all the time. Especially when I’m outside on the porch. And now this.” [sic]

Dozens of people were left spooked by the video and insisted it was ghostly activity – with several people claiming the orb shape is actually the spirit of a loved one.

One person said: “The way it’s moving and the fact that the motion part of the camera went off leads me to believe it is an orb.

“Keep in mind that orbs are usually nothing bad or evil – likely a deceased relative coming to say hi.”

“I don’t feel this is negative energy – it’s a playful orb, I wouldn’t be worried,” another viewer added.

Someone else said: “Nothing negative, just curious and watching over. You only got creeped out because it didn’t leave when you walked in.”

Others were slightly less tolerant of the supposed-spirit.

One person said: “Y’all are crazy, I would leave so quick!!!” [sic]

“Now that’s crazy,” said someone else.

One person said it was “time to bless your house”, while another person recommended burning sage and asking “it” to leave.

Another person advised: “You need the pray the blood of Jesus that anything is in the room needs to leave.”

One viewer pointed out the “orb” could be dust or insects – but claimed this particular sighting was “different."

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