Taliban display suicide vests and IEDs in weapon parade on Afghan state TV

THE Taliban have shown off suicide vests and IEDs during a weapons parade broadcast on Afghan state TV.

Car bombs and US-made weapons were pulled behind trucks as fighters marched with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's flag.

Bombs, suicide vests and IEDs were paraded on flatbeds past watching crowds – with labels identifying each of the weapons.

During the footage of the parade – believed to have been filmed in Kandahar – a voiceover could be heard describing a barrel bomb as the "military industry of the Mujahideen" which would be used to "destroy the ordinary and armoured vehicles of the enemy".

The 40-minute procession was carried out in front of Taliban leaders who sat watching from a makeshift grandstand.

In the footage the group are called "the lodge" and many have their faces pixelated.

The television special appears to be a "celebration" of the Taliban's military and featured numerous goose-stepping parades of fighters in dress uniforms and riding horses.

The terrorists also showed off stolen weapons both US and Russian made – including rocket launchers and assault weapons.

Taliban fighters may have stolen as many as half a million US weapons and up to 50,000 vehicles after the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

They seized hundreds of army bases, weapons dumps and police stations during their advance to Kabul last month.

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The US spent an estimated $85billion (£62billion) on weapons and equipment to arm the Afghan army as they propped up the government after toppling the Taliban in 2001.

US documents reveal staggering numbers of guns, vehicles and military gear were handed over to Kabul – only for the Afghan forces to be washed away against the tide of Taliban advance.

Estimates state 22,174 Humvees, 634 M1117s armoured cars, 115 Maxx Pros trucks, and 549,118 machine guns, assault rifles and pistols were given over by the US.

Some 33 Black Hawk helicopters, 23 Super Tucano fighter planes and 4 C-130 transport planes were also given to the Afghan Air Force.

Other support gear was also given over, with some 16,035 pairs of night vision googles, 162,043 radios and some 8,000 trucks.

Much of this equipment may have been removed by the US, may have been out of service, and may have been destroyed.

But the numbers offers an insight into the staggering scale of Afghanistan's arsenal – the remnants of which will be picked clean by the militants.

Meanwhile, Taliban bosses released a bizarre propaganda video showing their fighters doing martial arts.

The footage shows the jihadis smashing through boards, doing flying punches through plates, throwing jump-kicks and staging karate movie-esque fight scenes.

Taliban chiefs shared the video on social media as the terror group continues to shamelessly revel in its success after seizing power in Afghanistan.

The martial arts stunts are also spliced together with more chilling pictures of jihadi fighters wielding US-made weapons.

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