Spirit Airlines attendant kicked off flight after demanding ALL passengers deplane after girl, 2, 'took off mask'

A SPIRIT Airlines flight attendant was kicked off a Florida flight for forcing passengers off the plane because a little girl wasn't wearing a mask.

Spirited video shows a flight attendant threaten to kick a family of four off a flight on Monday, citing their 2-year-old girl as not wearing a mask for reason why.

Someone aboard the plane, going from Orlando to Atlantic City, was recording the whole show, depicting the flight attendant telling the family they needed to exit for "non-compliance" with mask rules.

All of the passengers were eventually kicked off the flight before being allowed back on board.

The flight attendant is seen on tape telling the family, including a toddler sitting on her pregnant mom's lap eating yogurt, that needed to put on their masks.

The father, who had his mask around his chin, pulled his mask over his mouth and nose, forcing the flight attendant to nod, but then said "She's not wearing a mask" in regards to the tot.

"The baby?" asked the mom.

"A lot of kids aren't wearing masks," said a woman sitting beside the family.

After the stranger opined in, others began arguing for the family.

"You've been sitting next to me," said the father, who was wearing a yarmulke, "Was I wearing the mask the whole time? Was I wearing the mask the whole time everybody?"

As the father incredulously asked the onlookers seated around him, he put his mask up and down several times.

"I’ll make sure he wears it. Everything is going to be fine," said a person filming.

During the encounter, the flight attendant repeats several times the family was in "non-compliance with the mask policy."

The mom jumped in for her daughter, saying "That’s only a child and a 2-year-old."

"It’s not my choice," the flight attendant responds. "You have to take your stuff and get off."

"We’re done talking. The pilot wants you off, so you have to get off," she added.

The mom again attempts to interject, saying "she’s a baby. She just turned 2 a month ago. She’s been trying to wear it."

However, the flight attendant was having none of it, threatening to call the police before she left.

A second video shows the father saying "the captain was OK with it, the entire plane was OK with it but there was one African American that was not OK with it."

The father then explains his wife is pregnant and his daughter just turned two, adding his son was special needs and suffered from seizures.

"They’re the ones who were the problem” as the family appears to walk by.

Another video shows cops in the aisle of the plane saying "They’re the ones who were the problem."

According to Orlando Police, who were called to the plane just before noon on Monday, they said they were mostly there in presence rather than to do anything.

"Upon arrival, officers saw that the flight was in the middle of de-boarding. Our officers stood by, while Spirit Airlines resolved the issue," a spokesman told the New York Post.

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