Size of Galaxy chocolate bars shrinks – while supermarkets hike prices

‘Shrinkflation’ comes for Galaxy next as Mars cuts its chocolate bars by 10g – while supermarkets hike prices

  • Tesco price for 100g bar is £1.25, up from 99p for 110g bar in September 2022 

Shoppers are forking out more for Galaxy chocolate bars while having 10g less of a bite in the latest example of ‘shrinkflation’. 

The size of the 110g ‘smooth milk’ bars has decreased to 100g, but despite the confectionary being smaller supermarkets have pushed up the price.

Prices at Tesco for the chocolate bar are £1.25 compared to 99p for the 110g slab back in September 2022, according to

While in Asda the price has risen to £1.25 compared to £1 at the same time last year. At Morrisons the cost has been hiked by 50p to £1.50.  

It is the latest product to fall victim to ‘shrinkflation’ – the term used for when food giants quietly reduce the size of hundreds of products while still charging the same prices. 

A Mars Wrigley UK spokesperson said: ‘We have been actively trying to find ways to absorb the rising costs of raw materials and operations, as we know the increase in the cost of living has impacted both consumers and businesses across the UK.

The size of the Galaxy 110g ‘smooth milk’ bars has decreased to 100g, but despite them being smaller supermarkets have pushed up the price

Consumer champion Which? says the tactic means shoppers are now being fooled into paying more for less

‘Unfortunately, the growing pressures mean that more needs to be done. Reducing the size of our products is not a decision we have taken lightly but it is necessary for shoppers to still be able to enjoy their favourite Galaxy treats without compromising on quality or taste.’

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The phenomenon of ‘shrinkflation’ was widely adopted following the 2008 financial crash and is driven by firms anxious not to raise product prices despite the rising cost of raw materials, energy and transport.

Food conglomerate Mars quietly changed the recipe for its Galaxy bars in November 2022 by increasing the amount of skimmed milk powder.

It was the second largest ingredient on packaging, above cocoa powder, on its Ripple, Minstrels and Galaxy Milk products, reported The Grocer.   

While Mars blamed ‘rising costs of raw materials’ when it reduced its ‘fun-size’ Twix pack in July last year to 20g bars from 23g. 

McVities was another to fall victim earlier this month when it shrunk the size of its Jaffa Cakes without cutting the costs.

The treats famed for their sweet, tangy taste are now a tenth smaller – reduced from 5.5cm to 5cm across.

The orange bump has gone from 4cm to 3cm and the weight of each cake has been cut from 12.2g to 11g, The Sun reported.

Boxes remained their usual size and still hold ten Jaffa Cakes – but the overall weight of the package is no longer shown.

Among the many big brands in the dock are Fairy Liquid, Pringles, Lurpak, Cadbury, Whiskas, Andrex, Hellmann’s, McVitie’s, Warburtons, Walkers, Head & Shoulders and Magnum

The subtle changes to the product were picked up by fans.

Ben Scott, 36, from Margate, Kent, said: ‘You wouldn’t notice from the packaging. The old and the new boxes are identical to look at.

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‘But it’s glaringly obvious with the old and new cakes side by side. The orange jelly bump, my favourite bit, is tiny compared to before.’ 

Parent company Pladis blamed ‘input costs’. A spokesman said: ‘This is why we’ve made the decision to slightly reduce the weight of our Jaffa Cakes products, while ensuring that each cake still includes plenty of our signature crackly chocolate and orange centre.’

In June, MailOnline reported how every element of the weekly shop had been impacted by shrinkflation. 

Among the many big brands in the dock are Fairy Liquid, Pringles, Lurpak, Cadbury, Whiskas, Andrex, Hellmann’s, McVitie’s, Warburtons, Walkers, Head & Shoulders and Magnum.

In some cases, firms will change the design to hide a switch. Bottles of Fairy Liquid, for example, were down from 870ml to 820ml. The new smaller bottle is taller, while the price had risen from £2.39 to £3 at the time of publication.

Consumer champion Which? said the tactic meant shoppers are being fooled into paying more for less – and they have called for moves to force stores to change the way prices are displayed to help people find the best- value products.

Its head of food policy, Sue Davies, said: ‘Our research has shown that while some popular products have shrunk, the same can’t always be said for their prices – which means people are inadvertently paying more for less.

‘Consumers are facing enough financial stress during the cost-of-living crisis without having to check for changing packet sizes when they’re doing the weekly shop.’

The Office for National Statistics most recent report on shrinkflation was released in 2019, before the pandemic and cost of living crisis hit. 

It found 206 products had shrunk in size from September 2015 to June 2017, with bread, cereals, meat, and jams and syrups topping the list.

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