'Predator' Bill Clinton should be a ‘registered sex offender', Lewinsky whistleblower said in memoir

BILL Clinton should be a "registered sex offender," the Monica Lewinsky whistleblower alleged in her explosive memoir.

In the book Basket of Deplorables due for release on December 8, Linda Tripp savaged the Clintons and accused Bill of being "a serial sexual predator."

She also reportedly attacked his wife, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in the touted tome and compared her to Republican president Richard Nixon.

Tripp claimed Hillary lied to stop the fallout from the Clinton scandals and Bill's "private and reckless serial addiction to women," while fostering her own Oval Office ambitions.

Tripp alleged 22-year old White House summer intern Lewinsky was just a phase for Bill and their encounters never last for more than 10 minutes.

She wrote: "The Clintons are two of the most corrupt political operatives to ever grace the international stage.

"[They] are the great, unwashed deplorables instead of the American people who are not politically connected that they regard with such contempt."

Tripp died suddenly in April and kept detailed personal journals over the years before she succumbed to pancreatic and lymph node cancer, reported the Daily Mail.

She worked on the memoir with lawyer and author Dennis Carsten until her death and claimed a bevy of women would slip into the Oval Office to see Bill.

Tripp claimed all Hillary wanted was to become president and would "use language that would shock a sailor" to mock her husband when his infidelities got out of hand.

"You f**king Jew b*****d," she screamed at him, Tripp claimed, while Bill called Hillary a "c***."

Tripp said they only held hands for the cameras during the marital power struggle, writing: "They lived in a parallel universe of smoke and mirrors, bimbo eruptions, pay for play, sleazy land deals and private investigation.

"They would circle the wagons when there was trouble, and the loyalists were rewarded when they followed the Clintons from Arkansas to the White House.

Tripp said that Hillary often verbally ripped into Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster, who had hired her at the Rose Law Firm.

Tripp alleged that she subjected him to a "a foul-mouthed verbal flogging."

When Foster told Hillary the Little Rock interior designer, Kaki Hockersmith was spending too much on White House renovations, Tripp said she screamed: "Make it f**king work, no f**king excuses."

The Mail noted that Foster took his own life on on July 20, 1993 at Fort Marcy Park.

Tripp claimed Hillary's Chief of Staff Maggie Williams ransacked Foster's desk rather than calling in the Secret Service.

In her bombshell memoir, Tripp also claimed that Lewinsky was in hot pursuit of Clinton during an internship that began in November 1995 and continued through May of 1997.

Lewinsky was transferred to the Pentagon where Tripp then worked before news of the affair broke in January 1998.

Tripp mocked Lewinsky's mental anguish and suicidal ideation in the book, remarking that "delusion does not begin to cover Monica's concept of the situation."

She wrote: "[Lewinsky] became a psycho stalker and Bill, the narcissistic sexual predator, could not see what she became – until he tried to dispose of her.

"[There was] hysterical sobbing and frightening threats of suicide when the hopelessness of her situation with Bill sank in.

"She was just another in a decades long string of malleable and eagerly enthusiastic sexual service providers."

Tripp claimed Lewinsky schemed her way into an invite to Clinton's big birthday party at Radio City Music Hall and bragged about squeezing "his balls right in the middle of throngs of people."

The former government aide acknowledged that she was despised after turning over the tapes of Lewinsky to special prosecutor Ken Starr.

Her evidence shifted the focus of Starr's investigation from Whitewater to Lewinsky: Clinton was charged with lying under oath and obstruction of justice, impeached in December '98, and acquitted by the Senate.

The Sun contacted the Clinton Foundation for comment on Monday.

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