Pig stars huge blaze on farm after eating step tracker used to prove it’s free-range – The Sun

A PIG was fitted with a step tracker to prove it was free-range — but ended up starting a fire.

The blaze engulfed four pens at a farm but no animals were harmed.

It emerged that a pedometer was eaten by another pig — and the copper battery reacted with the dung and hay in the pen.

Fire crews raced to the farm in Bramham, West Yorks, on Saturday afternoon — and later boasted how they had “saved the bacon”.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue posted on Twitter: “Should be an oink not a tweet.

“Cause of fire attributed to a battery-powered pedometer carried by one of the pigs to prove it was free-range, which was eaten by the other pigs.

“After nature had taken its course, it’s believed that the copper from the batteries reacted with the pigpen’s contents.

"In conjunction with dry bedding, it ignited and burned 75sqm of hay.

“A hose reel was used to extinguish the fire and save the bacon.”

The news sparked amusement on social media.

Isaac Forman tweeted: “I’ve struggled to start fires with a lighter and fire-starting fluid and this pig is doing it by sh***ing out a step tracker!”

Dig deep for oinker

FARM bosses are trying to raise funds to help a pig who is scared of mud and water — but lives in a regularly flooded field.

Porker Barry was raised in the garden of an urban home and likes to be clean.

But he is “trapped” at his new home on a rescue farm in Newbury, Berks, due to waterlogging.

Farm boss Tracy Waldron wants to raise £5,000 to sort the drainage. She said: “Barry’s a very clean pig.”

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