Piers comes to defense of fired Teen Vogue editor who lost her job

Piers Morgan defends fired Teen Vogue editor, 27, who lost her job before she’d even started over racist tweets she apologized for writing when she was a kid

  • Piers Morgan sat down for a tell-all interview with Tucker Carlson on Monday 
  • He railed against the ‘woke cancel culture mob’ that saw an editor of Teen Vogue lose her job before she had even begun
  • Alexi McCammond, 27, wrote several anti-Asian tweets in 2011, as a teenager
  • She deleted them in 2019 and this year was named as editor of Teen Vogue 
  • McCammond’s resurfaced tweets including one in which she wrote: ‘Googling how to not wake up with swollen Asian eyes’ 
  • In another, she spoke of her ‘stupid Asian’ teaching assistant, complaining that she did not receive help with chemistry homework 
  • ‘This young woman’s career has been completely trashed and burned by the woke bonfire because she was not allowed to be contrite’ Morgan said 
  • Morgan warned that democracy depends on the right to freely express opinions

Piers Morgan has come to the defense of fired Teen Vogue editor Alexi McCammond, who was ousted before even starting her new job last month.

Her dismissal came after racist tweets she posted when she was 17, in 2011, resurfaced online. 

Morgan described her as a victim of the ‘woke mob’ who should have been protected by parent company Conde Nast given that she’d apologized for the postings on social media. 

‘The editor of Teen Vogue was fired before she could even start.  She apologized for years about stuff she tweeted as a 17-year-old kid, but that wasn’t enough. So, apologies don’t ever get you anywhere,’ Morgan railed.

‘This woke mob want to cancel people who do not follow their narratives and it’s got increasingly dangerous. I look at that poor young journalist who got fired before she even started and I ask myself, so what about the other members of that editorial team?

Alexi McCammond McCammond, 27, wrote several anti-Asian tweets in 2011 and was forced to resign from her job as editor of Teen Vogue earlier last month

Piers Morgan defended the fired Teen Vogue editor, Alexi McCammond, who lost her job before she’d even started over racist tweets she apologized for writing when she was a kid

‘Should we go back to their tweets when they were 16, 17 and see what’s lurking there? We already know about one of them, that didn’t live up to the holy level that they were setting for this woman. But this young woman’s career has been completely trashed and burned by the woke bonfire because she was not allowed to be contrite,’ Morgan said.

‘She wasn’t allowed to express a sincere apology for stuff she spouted when she was a kid. It’s ridiculous.’      

McCammond’s resurfaced tweets include one in which she wrote: ‘Googling how to not wake up with swollen Asian eyes’.

Another since-deleted tweet read: ‘Give me a 2/10 on my chem problem, cross out all of my work and don’t explain what I did wrong… thanks a lot stupid Asian T.A. you’re great.’

She also used the term ‘homo’ in a posting. 

They were written in 2011 and resurfaced after she was named as the new editor on March 5. On March 9, the tweets had gone viral and she was apologizing for them. 

Conde Nast – which has a history of racism allegations – stood by her and allowed her to keep the position. Staffers were irate that she was allowed to keep her job and said it sent the wrong message during a time of increased attacks on American Asians but she stayed on. 

The tweets were written almost a decade ago but resurfaced leading to McCammond’s firing

They also complained that she was inexperienced, having never worked as an editor or manager before, and that there were other black women within Conde Nast who would have been better suited to the job. 

They wrote an open letter demanding that she be replaced and also complained directly to CEO Robert Lynch.

It has also emerged that in an email to staff around the same time Conde Nast HR boss Stan Duncan revealed that Anna Wintour and CEO Roger Lynch knew about the decade-old racist tweets but hired her anyway. 

Morgan pointed to the incident as evidence that ‘woke cancel culture’ has gone out of control.

Teen Vogue editor Alexi McCammond resigned last month after racist, anti-Asian tweets she wrote as a teenager surfaced online. It later emerged that Conde Nast boss Anna Wintour knew about the tweets but gave McCammond the job anyway

‘I don’t believe any Americans I’ve met on my travels would be comfortable with what is happening here. What happened to me, to Sharon Osbourne, to the editor of Teen Vogue. None of this seems American to me. It’s the country of freedoms, it’s the country of the Constitutional right to have an opinion,’ he said.

‘This is not why our countries went to war with a fascist group like the Nazis. And yet here we are with a new liberal form of fascism, where you either sign up to a fake narrative, you either believe something that is untrue, or you have to be destroyed. Isn’t that what fascism is? Isn’t that the purest personification of fascism,’ continued Morgan.

‘It’s exactly the same thing that they profess to detest most. If you ask anyone who is really woke, they hate fascists, and yet they behave exactly the same way,’ said Morgan.

Morgan called on ‘woke liberals to wake up, to really wake up, and to start actually being liberal, because that means you listen to other people’s opinions, and you respect them even if you don’t agree with them, that you engage in debate and civil discourse with them.’

‘But that’s all gone, now there’s no room for debate, it’s their way or no way. And if you dare to defy the woke narrative about anything, then they will weaponize things like race or mental health, whatever it may be, to get people cancelled in their eyes,’ he said.

‘I’m not a victim and I haven’t been cancelled. I’m here talking to you, you’re the number one rated cable news star in America, so this is a very comfortable form of cancellation for me,’ Morgan insisted.

The veteran journalist and outspoken commentator said that the solution lies with corporate America, and called on business executives to ‘grow a spine’ and stand up to online mobs.  

‘Bosses have to stand firm. And if they don’t this will get worse and worse,’ he said.

‘When this woke mob comes again, like they did for this young Teen Vogue editor, who lost her job before she could even start, you need people at Conde Nast to go, ‘Nope, not having this, sorry, off you go Wokies,’ and she keeps her job.’ 

Morgan sat down for his own tell-all with Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired Monday, where renewed his fierce criticisms of Harry and Meghan and railed against the ‘woke cancel culture mob’ that drove him to quit Good Morning Britain last month

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