Parents let 11-year-old boy drive so he would stop playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’

An 11-year-old boy was pulled over while driving in Britain — with his family letting him behind the wheel to stop him playing “Grand Theft Auto,” according to cops.

“The driver of this car was 11 years old,” Lancashire Road Police tweeted Sunday alongside a photo of a red car that had been stopped in Blackpool, adding for emphasis, “(Yes, eleven!)”

“A family member was fed up with the child playing Grand Theft Auto all day on the Playstation, so brought him out to practice driving,” the force said, with the adult “has been reported” for unspecified traffic offenses.

The tweet added another picture, this time of a police car from the video game with “busted” written across it.

The force’s alert sparked shock — but as much for the youngster playing such a violent adult game as for being behind the wheel of a real car.

Others remarked that it could have been much worse. “Thank goodness he wasn’t fed up of playing call of duty then!” a Twitter user named Jennie joked of the notoriously violent shoot ’em up.

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