Neighbour saves woman's French bulldog puppy from fire after she spots it on Ring doorbell cam

A DOG lover has praised her neighbours after they used a Ring camera to save her beloved pooch from a house fire.

Olivia Smith, 28, had been celebrating her nephew’s birthday and was keeping an eye on her French Bulldog Bentley through a camera on her phone.

The cheeky pup had managed to escape his penned area at the property in South Yorkshire, and barged into the kitchen.

Mum-of-one Olivia had only had the boisterous dog three weeks, and only left him alone for an hour when she spotted something wrong with her Ring camera.

She initially thought that the pooch had knocked the video recorder over, which was why the screen was white.

But she was horrified after spotting flames sprouting from her kitchen, and could hear the scared dog yapping.

One of her neighbours had spotted the smoke, and by the time she called them they had already contacted emergency services and attempted to save the pup.

Speaking to The Sun she said: “I had been chatting to him, keeping an eye on him and he managed to get out of his crate.

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“I could see him on the camera for a while, I had been playing doggy calming music for him to listen too.

“After the camera cut out I just assumed that he had knocked it over, but 20 minutes later I was horrified when I saw this huge flame jump up.

“Bentley had been jumping at the cooker, and he somehow managed to turn the hobs on and knocked a wooden photo frame onto the hob which started the fire.

“He knew he had turned it on as well as he was sat there looking at the light but I didn’t realise that initially.

“I called one of my neighbours who I am quite close with and they had already seen that there was smoke coming out of the property and had called the fire service.

“Honestly they saved my home and my dog doing that, I owe them everything they were just amazing.”


Olivia raced home to find that her entire kitchen had been scorched by the blaze, and was forced to fork out hundreds of pounds to replace her hob and fridge freezer as well as other electrical items.

But now she is facing Christmas with no kitchen, as it has yet to be fixed despite the fire happening back in September.

Olivia added: “Bentley had been chewing at the door trying to escape the fire, it’s really sad to have seen.

“Two days after my fire another neighbour’s house exploded, so we all had to leave again. I have only just got back into the property.

“The damage to my kitchen has been structural and they still haven’t fixed any of it, but I’ve been told it is a real health hazard.

“It’s urgent and it’s really worrying me. It could have been a lot worse without my neighbours, I owe them literally everything because I can’t bear to think what would have happened without them.

“They even helped me to raise the money to replace things that I lost in the fire. They are just amazing and without them Bentley wouldn’t be here.”

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