Motorist who killed 11-year-old girl found guilty of dangerous driving

Speeding motorist, 36, who killed 11-year-old girl after hitting her at over 40mph while driving ‘like he was on a racetrack’ before fleeing the scene and leaving her to die is found guilty of dangerous driving

  • Ruby, 11, was crossing the road with a friend when she was hit by Cairns’ vehicle
  • Witnesses described the 36-year-old ‘driving like he was on a racetrack’ in Bury
  • A jury has found Cairns guilty of causing death by dangerous driving after a trial
  • Cairns, who also fled the scene after the crash, will be sentenced on February 10 

Andrew Cairns has been convicted of dangerous driving after he hit and killed schoolgirl Ruby Cropper, 11,  in August 2020

A man who killed an 11-year-old girl while driving ‘like he was on a racetrack’ before fleeing the scene in Bury has been found guilty of dangerous driving.

A jury convicted Andrew Cairns, 36, of Rupert Street, Radcliffe, after his Suzuki Alto crashed into schoolgirl Ruby Cropper in Radcliffe in August 2020.

Greater Manchester Police said at the time that Ruby had been crossing the road with a friend when she was hit by Carins’ vehicle and suffered catastrophic injuries. 

Cairns fled the scene and the 11-year-old, described as a ‘kind and caring person’ by her family, died in hospital two days later from the injuries she suffered.

Jurors at a Nightingale Court, held at the Hilton Hotel due to the pandemic, heard Cairns was driving ‘at excessive speed’ moments prior to the fatal collision shortly after 4.30pm on August 10, 2020.

He had previously pleaded guilty to causing the death of Ruby by careless driving, but denied causing her death by dangerous driving.

Eye-witnesses who saw Cairns before the collision said he had been ‘driving like a looney’.

Other eye-witnesses said they thought Cairns had been ‘driving super fast’ and ‘like he was on a racetrack’.

In police interviews, Cairns admitted to driving ‘in excess speed’ of around 40 mph at the time.

Police said Ruby was crossing the road with a friend when she was hit by Cairns’ speeding car

Prosecutor Jamie Baxter said expert analysis had established that had Cairns been driving at the correct speed limit, then the collision might not have happened.

Evidence taken eight metres after the collision was ‘consistent with no braking’ from the vehicle involved.

Following the crash, CCTV footage found how Cairns ‘made no attempt to stop’.

The court heard how, after hitting Ruby, he then drove off from the scene, abandoning his car before walking to his home address nearby.

He then rang police a short while later to say he had hit a young girl and was later arrested.

Pictured: Police and other emergency service vehicles close the road shortly after the crash

Cairns will be sentenced on February 10.

In a tribute shared shortly after her death, Ruby’s family said: ‘As Ruby was such a kind and caring person and always helped others, she has continued to do this in organ donation.

‘Ruby’s legacy will live on and we have taken great comfort in this. Our family would urge anyone in these tragic circumstances to follow in Ruby’s footsteps and be an organ donor.

‘We are all absolutely devastated and a part of us has died today too. Our lives will never be the same again.’

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