Millions of Brits set to get £300 payment between these dates

Millions of Britons will get £300 cost of living payment between these dates

  • It is the second payment of the £900 support scheme from the government 
  • Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, said it’s ‘right ‘ to be helping the most vulnerable

Millions of people up and down Britain are set to get a £300 cost of living payment within the next few weeks.

The timeframe for the second instalment of the £900 cost of living support payment has now been confirmed by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Households who receive qualifying benefits, such as Universal Credit and Income support, will have the £300 tax-free payment automatically put into their bank accounts. 

The payment is set to land in the weeks between October 31 and November 19. 

Millions of Britons up and down the nation are set to get a £300 tax-free payment between October 31 and November 19

This will be the second instalment of a  £900 cost of living support scheme from the government. Only those in receipt of certain benefits will be eligible

To be eligible for the payment households must be in receipt of certain benefits between the dates of August 18 and September 17.

However, if you are later found to be eligible for any of the qualifying benefits between these dates then they will also be qualified to receive the free cash too. 

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If you receive any of the following then you may be entitled to the free cash:

  • Universal Credit 
  • Income-based 
  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance 
  • Income Support 
  • Working Tax Credit 
  • Child Tax Credit 
  • Pension Credit 

To guarantee no one receives the same payment twice, those who are in receipt of tax credits alone will receive their cost of living payment from HMRC between November 10 and 19.

You will be able to spot the payment in your bank account if you look out for your National Insurance number.

This is because your individual code along with HMRC COLP or DWP COLP will be noted on the invoice of the payment. 

For instance, if your NI number is PC 85 86 723, when the payment is made into your bank you should either see ‘PC 85 86 723  HRMC COLP’ or ‘PC 85 86 723 DWC COLP’ on your statement.

The £300 of free cash is the second instalment of a £900 cost of living payment from the government.  

Over eight million households across Britain received the first payment of £301 between April and May of this year.

After this second instalment, beneficiaries will be set to see a final payment of £299 during spring of next year.

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