Lori Vallow led in handcuffs as she’s flown to face charges over disappearance of her two kids – The Sun

CUFFED "cult mom" Lori Vallow touched down in LA this morning to face charges in Idaho relating to the disappearance of her two kids

Vallow, 46, was extradited from Hawaii yesterday after daughter Tylee Ryan, 17, and her adopted son Joshua "JJ" Vallow vanished there back in September.

Her doomsday lover Chad Daybell, 51, returned days before his wife will arrive in Rexburg after taking a red-eye flight last night to face a judge tomorrow afternoon.

Vallow's flight left a Hawaiian airport at around 10pm before touching down in LAX in Los Angeles at around 7 am PST.

She will be returning to Madison County today ahead of her 2 pm hearing at the county courthouse on Friday.

The former beauty queen will be held at the Madison County jail after she fled Idaho back in November when local cops were asked to perform a welfare check on her children.

Media outlets flocked to the jail on Main Street early this morning before Vallow's highly-anticipated court appearance after she flew back to the mainland.

The Sheriff's office urged people to adhere to fire codes in preparation for it, warning the "court room only has seating for 72 people."

Vallow has appealed for a reduction in her $5 million bond according to court records dated March 4, after previously trying to reduce her bail in Kauai.

She had been living in sunny Hawaii with her fifth husband, doomsday writer Chad Daybell, after Tylee and JJ vanished without a trace.

They were accused of being in a "cult" by family members after Vallow reportedly became obsessed with Daybell's writings while they were both still married.

A slew of mysterious deaths linked to the couple have also occured after both of their spouses died in mysterious circumstances.

Charles Vallow, 57, was gunned down by Vallow's late brother, Alex Cox, who said it was self-defense, while Daybell's wife Tammy also died in mysterious circumstances.

Daybell and Vallow then married two weeks after his wife's sudden death and cops are now looking into the spate of deaths connected to them.

Investigators say Daybell collected at least $430K on her life insurance policy, according to a probable cause affidavit.

There has been no sign of Tylee since the last reported sighting of her in at Yellowstone Park with Lori and her uncle Alex, according to these court records.

Vallow was charged with two felony counts of desertion and non-support of dependent children on Febraury 20 when Kauai cops arrested her on a warrant issued from authorities in Idaho.

Hawaiian police were given the go-ahead to book her after she defied a court order from Madison County on January 30 to produce her two missing children within days.

Tylee and her autistic brother JJ have been missing for nearly six months as of March 5.

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