Lewis Hamilton disgusts fans after sharing slice of cake with his dog

Sports Personality of the Year winner Lewis Hamilton disgusts fans after posting a video showing him sharing the same slice of cake with his pet bulldog Roscoe

  • Racing star Lewis Hamilton, 35, shared the video on his dog’s Instagram account
  • Picture showed his bulldog sitting beside cake that read ‘Welcome home Roscoe’
  • Seven-time world champ horrified fans when he shared slice of cake with his pet 

Sports Personality of the Year winner Lewis Hamilton has been slammed for eating the same food as his dog.

The F1 Mercedes racing star posted a snap of his bulldog sitting beside a bone-shaped cake with ‘Welcome home Roscoe’ written on it in icing.

But the 35-year-old then posted a bizarre video of him and his vegan pooch Roscoe munching on the same slice.

The video was uploaded to Roscoe’s Instagram account – which has 272,000 followers – on Wednesday.

Seven times world champ Hamilton said: ‘I shares my cakes with dads, we best friendz’.

Lewis Hamilton won the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year award last night (pictured) but left fans disgusted when he posted a video of himself sharing a cake with his bulldog Roscoe

Racing champion Lewis Hamilton shared the video to his dog’s Instagram account which has 272,000 followers  and showed the 35-year-old sharing bone-shaped cake with bulldog Rosco

It shows him sitting crossed legged on the floor beside Roscoe, feeding him cake and then munching from the same slice.

The British racer takes two big bites from the slab of cake and gives it to Roscoe to munch on in between his mouthfuls.

In the video Hamilton can be heard saying ‘some for you, some for me’ and ‘happy birthday – it’s delicious right?’

But some fans were disgusted by the unhygienic spectacle, with James Pando saying: ‘No don’t do that it is gross man.’

In a reference to Aussie racer Danny Ricciardo, Seb added: ‘I think drinking from Danny Ric’s sweaty shoe is probably worse than this.’

Sid said: ‘That’s nasty bro.’

Callum added: ‘I gotta say I would not share a cake with a dog he slobbers all over the place.’

Other fans were more sympathetic, with a surprising number of people admitting to sharing grub with their dog.

Joe Aguilla said: ‘OMG you love too much your dog, Lewis.’

Ellie said: ‘This is so cute but I would never share my cake*’

Donna said: ‘Brilliant, I do this with my two dogs, love Roscoe so much and you Lewis.’

Courtney added: ‘Me and my bulldog share ice creams.’

And Lucy Eccleshall said: ‘I love it but I love it more knowing how many people will be so grossed out by it…it’s just love.’

Hamilton is a vegan and has previously been criticised for imposing the same diet on his dog

Roscoe recently celebrated his eighth birthday.

On sharing food with dogs, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home reportedly previously said: ‘There will be bacteria in a dog’s saliva. Probably just a word of caution on that.

‘It’s up to an owner whether they want to share something with their dog, but they could end up with an upset stomach.’

Dogs shouldn’t eat cakes with chocolate in because it can be toxic for them, while sugar, fats and wheats – which are also often found in cakes – aren’t great for dogs’ health.

Hamilton is a vegan and has previously been slammed for imposing the same diet on his dog, which some argue isn’t natural or healthy for the mutt.

On Roscoe’s Instagram it says he loves eating apples, pineapple and watermelons.

Hamilton was crowned SPOTY winner last night

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