Kickboxer claimed he fell down tiny 18-inch hole to claim £30,000 compensation – The Sun

A KICKBOXER who was doing 50 high kicks a day while claiming for a work injury is facing jail.

Demolition worker Stuart Mann, 39, said he plunged up to 16ft through a narrow 18" by 12" hole at an old school in June 2014.

His £30,000 compensation bid for a hurt back and ribs was thrown out by Middlesbrough county court last year.

It found he had made up the story after tripping up some stairs.

The court heard Mann, of Hartlepool, Co Durham, was probably too big to fit through the hole — and had carried on martial arts training.

Now, the High Court has agreed to a contempt of court hearing in July.

Contempt is punishable by up to two years’ jail.

Mann denies dishonesty.

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