Gloating inmates taunt guards and start cell fires in TikTok videos

Gloating inmates mock the law as they intimidate guards and start cell fires in shocking TikTok videos from INSIDE B

  • Former head of the Prison Service had told of chaos in the system

Shocking social media posts exposing the chaos in British jails have emerged following the escape of a terror suspect.

Videos filmed by inmates show them intimidating guards, high on drugs, collecting drone deliveries of contraband goods, starting cell fires, partying and rioting.

Details of the posts follow a former head of the Prison Service telling of chaos in the system and how it may have played a role in Daniel Khalife’s escape from Wandsworth.

Ministers last year pledged to create an intelligence unit to track prisoners’ illegal online posts after the Mail revealed how Stephen Lawrence’s killer David Norris acquired a smartphone and used it to post sickening selfies from his cell.

But scores of videos highlighting the disorder in prisons, some with several million views, are still being posted. Several pages on TikTok and other sites specialise in jail videos.

Women prisoners rapping after being transferred to HMP Bronzefield

HMP Carni – An apparent recreation of Notting Hill Carnival from jail

One TikTok video includes a post captioned ‘HMP Escape’, and shows a guard being intimidated and forced to retreat from an inmate he is trying to restrain. Watching prisoners are heard cheering and mocking the officer. Another captioned ‘HMP Catch Me if you Can’ shows a man breaking free from two guards in riot gear and running away, to the delight of watching inmates.

In ‘HMP drone drop’, prisoners shout encouragement as an inmate dangles a makeshift fishing rod between cell bars to collect a drone delivery dropped in a courtyard, while a guard watches helplessly.

Phil Wheatley, ex-director general of the Prison Service, said last week the system was ‘in a degree of chaos’. The Prison Service said: ‘We do not tolerate phones or other contraband in prisons.’ TikTok declined to comment but removed some of the videos after being alerted by the Mail.

‘HMP Spicehead’  – Mocking an inmate apparently high on spice

A makeshift rope is pulled through a window to reveal package holding a tiny mobile phone.  ‘HMP Fishing’  – using string to spirit contraband phones into a cell during a jail lockdown

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