Fly-tipping hell on 'disgusting' estate leaves homes 'ravaged by rats' and kids too scared to leave their rooms

A "DISGUSTING" estate ruined by fly-tippers has left homes "ravaged by rats" and kids too scared to leave their rooms.

Skips are overflowing with filthy rubbish and countless bin bags have been dumped across the streets in the Griffin area of Blackburn, Lancashire.

Shocking pictures show household rubbish, medication bottles, furniture and needles strewn around.

Blackburn and Darwen Council had only cleared out part of the rubbish last week but mountains have already been dumped again.

Bins have also been overflowing for months, with the stench of faeces and expired foods in the air.

Residents say fly-tippers are driving in at night and dumping their rubbish in the neighbourhood.

Lubna Rashid, 47, said her six kids refuse to leave their bedrooms as their living room had been "ravaged by rats".

The single mum said the fly-tipping has been going on for around six months.

Lubna said: "There is so much garbage in the street. It's disgusting now and it's full of rats.

"It's so terrible, it smells terrible in the street. It's really unhygienic. It smells like poo, it's so disgusting.

"It makes it so difficult to live. We can't even open the windows."

Lubna said she can't survive with rats ripping through her floorboards but has had no assistance from the council.

She claims she has contacted the council but hasn't been told there is nothing they can do "due to Covid".

She added: "I'm suffering from the rats problem but no one has come to help us despite the fact I've informed the council."

A council spokesperson said: "Our household waste recycling centres are open and we currently offer residents of the borough over 3,400 booking slots each week.

"Our officers will always do their best to respond to reports of rubbish dumping or fly-tipping and we have recently been in this area to remove previously reported fly-tipping.

"We will be investigating these latest incidents."

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