Evelyn Mae Boswell’s mom ‘incriminated herself’ with comments to investigators, agents says in dramatic court moment – The Sun

EVELYN Mae Boswell's mother incriminated herself with comments she made to police, investigators said in court Monday.

The comments came after a weeks-long investigation into the 15-month-old's disappearance, that resulted in police finding remains they believe to be the missing toddler on Friday.

Little Evelyn's mother, Megan Boswell, was arrested in late February after she gave police conflicting information about her daughter's whereabouts.

Police found remains of a body that had the "exact clothing" the toddler wore when she vanished — alongside kid's toys and diapers Special Agent Brian Fraley said in court Monday.

Fraley said that during interviews with police, Megan Boswell made incriminating statements regarding her daughter's death.

"Did Ms. Boswell make any inculpatory statements with regard to the death of Evelyn Boswell?” Judge James Goodwin asked Fraley.

“Did you say culpatory or…?” Fraley asked.

“Inculpatory,” Goodwin said.

“Yes,” Fraley answered the Judge.

Inculpatory statements imply, incriminate or place guilt on a person, as defined by Merriam-Webster.

Sullivan County District Attorney General Barry Staubus told WATE he could not comment further on the comments Fraley made in court due to the investigation.

“The judge asked if there was any inculpatory information that Agent Fraley had obtained during the investigation. He said yes," Stabus told WATE.

After a weeks-long investigation, police announced a tragic turning point on Friday when they said they believe they found the remains of the missing 15-month old in Bloutville.

Investigators are still awaiting on autopsy results for a positive identification of the body.

Evelyn had not been seen since December — but was not reported missing by her mother until February.

Megan Boswell had given police conflicting information regarding her daughter's whereabouts, including that Evelyn was taken by her grandmother, Angela Boswell, to a South Carolina campground.

She also allegedly told investigators that the toddler was with her father, Ethan Perry — but he was stationed in Louisiana on active duty in the military and did not have the child.

Megan Boswell was arrested for giving police false reports regarding her daughter's whereabouts.

The mother's arrest followed just days after Angela Boswell and her boyfriend, William McCloud, were arrested on theft charges.

Both Angela Boswell and McCloud were considered suspects in the child's disappearance.

Shortly after the duo's arrest, police searched a pond in Wilkes County, where the couple was arrested, for little Evelyn.

The search turned up nothing, and cops had hoped the toddler was still alive after finding no evidence.


Those hopes were crushed, however, as cops announced they believe they found Evelyn's remains on Friday.

A memorial for little Evelyn with stuffed animals, balloons, and posters began after the announcement — and became so large it spilled onto a neighbor's property and had to be moved to a nearby church.

Megan Boswell is next scheduled to appear in court on May 8.

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