Donald Trump Jr says father will 'keep pushing America First agenda'

Donald Trump Jr says his father has taught Republicans ‘they can push back’ and insists he will ‘keep pushing that America First agenda’ following his impeachment acquittal

  • Donald Trump’s eldest son said they will continue to work in the political arena
  • He says his father will back candidates who support their America First message 
  • The former president has not yet signaled his plans after office 

Donald Trump Jr says his father will keep pushing their ‘America First’ agenda by backing candidates who believe in his message rather than ‘establishment guys’.

Speaking after the former president’s second impeachment acquittal, Donald Jr said his family will continue their efforts to rebrand the Republican party.

Speaking to Sean Hannity on Fox News, Donald Jr said of his father: ‘He is going to keep pushing that America First agenda, fighting for the American worker.

Donald Trump Jr says his father will keep pushing their ‘America First’ agenda by backing candidates who believe in his message rather than ‘establishment guys’

‘He’s going to be pushing for candidates who will do that, not the random establishment guys that have sat there for years, have done absolutely nothing and get total support from the establishment base. 

‘We’re going to do exactly the opposite. The people who are going to be good for the American people, we’re going to fight, we’re going to support, we’re going to make sure those guys get elected.

‘We’re going to continue doing to conservatism what my father has done, which is bring it from the dead back into real life with people who love this country and who are willing to go to bat for her.’

Elsewhere in the interview, Donald Jr accused impeachment prosecutors of fabricating evidence, which he branded a ‘jailable offence’.

Former President Donald Trump was cheered on by his sons after the Senate tally was 10 votes short in convicting him for inciting the January 6 insurrection 

He said the impeachment trial proved his father had the guts to ‘push back’, adding that Democrats are not used to seeing Republicans refuse to be steamrolled. 

Trump Sr issued a statement after his acquittal on Saturday hinting at a political re-emergence, promising that ‘soon we will emerge with a vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future’. 

‘Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun,’ he said.

The Senate vote means Trump is still eligible to run for another term in 2024, but he has not confirmed whether he intends to do so.  

After the acquittal, Trump’s eldest child fired off a series of gloating tweets calling the Senate proceedings a ‘show trial’ and blasting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who voted to acquit Trump, yet promptly took to the Senate floor to explain that he did hold the ex-president responsible for the violent January 6 insurrection.  

Donald Trump Jr. sent out a series of tweets after the Senate voted to acquit his father in an impeachment trial for a second time 

‘NOT GUILTY,’ Trump Jr. tweeted first, immediately after the vote. ‘Now maybe it would be nice if the senators stopped putting on show trials for free air time and actually started working for the American people for a change.’

The eldest Trump son continued his commentary adding, ‘Beating these establishment clowns twice after years of BS and under unprecedented circumstances is a badge of honor.’ 

He also shared the photoshopped shirtless boxing Trump meme. 

‘When the establishment hates you and wants to prevent you from ever running again you know you’re doing something right,’ Trump Jr. added. 

Trump Jr. then turned to McConnell. 

McConnell broke ranks with Trump in the hours leading up to the January 6 insurrection, giving a speech on the Senate floor prior to the counting of the Electoral College votes, reiterating that President Joe Biden was the true winner of the election. McConnell had tried to encourage GOP senators not to join onto an effort pushed in the House to challenge Electoral College vote counts.    

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