Dog passes the steak challenge

‘Don’t eat my steak!’ Phoenix the dog licks her lips but resists the temptation to tuck in when owner tests her willpower

  • The patient dog named Phoenix is left alone with the piece of steak at her home
  • Canine resists temptation for 81 seconds and avoids eye contact with meat
  • Dog’s owner returns to the room and congratulates her dog for passing test 

This is the comical moment a dog refrains from eating the mouth-watering steak left out in front of her.

Footage, believed to be captured in the US, shows the patient canine named Phoenix resist temptation for 81 seconds after her owner leaves the piece of meat on a plate in front of her in an effort to test her willpower. 

The obedient dog continues to wait by the steak before her owner returns to the room and congratulates the canine for passing the test with flying colors.

The dog named Phoenix is told by her owner not to eat the succulent steak left out in front of her

The dog places her head on the dinner table and tries to avoid making eye contact with the piece of meat

During the clip, Phoenix’s owner sits next to her and tells the canine: ‘Don’t eat my steak OK. I’ll be right back.’

The canine places her head on the dinner table and avoids looking at the steak.

She momentarily turns her gaze to the succulent meat before looking out of the window.

More than one minute later, Phoenix’s owner applauds the dog and says: ‘Good girl!’ 

The owner told Viral Hog: ‘A follower asked me to try the challenge with a steak after Phoenix sat patiently waiting alone in a room with my chicken salad. 

‘Challenge accepted! Phoenix passed with flying colors.’

Following the comical footage, viewers took to social media to congratulate the ‘brilliant dog’. 

The dog momentarily looks at the steak on the table but continues to resist temptation

The dog’s owner returns to the room and applauds her dog for passing the challenge

One user commented: ‘Very impressive what a brilliant dog.’

While another said: ‘I hope you gave the dog the steak.’

Another person wrote: ‘That is adorable.’

Elsewhere another joked: ‘Hell I would have taken it off the plate.’      

Viewers took to social media to applaud the dog for taking on the challenge and resisting temptation

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