Current Cuomo aide says governor 'ogled body, remarked on looks, and made suggestive remarks'

ANDREW Cuomo's current aide has come forward, claiming the governor would gaze down her shirt and comment on her necklace hanging there.

Alyssa McGrath, an aide to the New York governor, is the seventh woman to come forward alleging sexual harassment by Cuomo.

She detailed a number of unsettling interactions to the New York Times, saying Cuomo would often stare at her body, remark on her looks and make suggestive comments to her and another aide she worked with.

McGrath, 33, said the governor would call her and a coworker "mingle mamas," and would create an unjust work environment where he would ask about her lack of a wedding ring and the status of her divorce.

He told her she was beautiful in Italian and while she was in his office await some instructions, he would gaze at her and remark on her appearance.

McGrath is the first current aide in the governor's office to publicly come forward about allegations of harassment against Cuomo. She also says when a former aide alleged the governor groped her breast, the aide told McGrath that encounter in detail.

"She froze when he started doing that stuff to her," McGrath said. "But who are you going to tell?"

McGrath added that her co-worker, who has yet to be publicly identified, said the governor asked her not to go public about the alleged incident, nor to tell McGrath, knowing the two spoke about their interactions with Cuomo.

"He told her specifically not to tell me," McGrath said.

The current aide described a number of interactions with Cuomo, who would mix flirtatious banter with personal comments, and creating a competitive relationship among women in his office.

McGrath did not accuse the governor of making sexual contact, but said she believed his actions equaled to sexual harassment. She added the culture of secrecy and loyalty in the office led to his actions being glazed over.

She added that Cuomo made an odd work triangle between her and her colleague who alleges he groped her. This relationship would mesh between professional and unwanted attention.

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