Coronavirus row erupts as woman deliberately COUGHS at man who brands her ‘disgusting’ on train – The Sun

A OUTRAGED commuter was videoed calling out a woman for deliberately coughing in his direction during a heated row about spreading coronavirus.

The spat unfolded on a train in Sydney, Australia, Sydney, after a woman apparently let out a cough without properly covering her face.

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The passengers who were sitting opposite one another were filmed as their bitter dispute over the cough broke out.

The man slammed the woman as "disgusting".

He could be seen taking off his sunglasses, asking: "Can you cover our mouth when you cough please?"

But the woman replied: "I did not open my mouth when I coughed. I coughed inside my mouth."

The fella said again it was "disgusting", to which she replied: "Yeah, well you’re disgusting too."

She then leans towards him and appears to fire off a mock cough at him.

Furious, he says: "Are you serious? Did you just cough at me?"

But she said she "did not have a pandemic” before calling the man a "bully".

The pair then began bickering over whether or not the woman sufficiently covered her mouth, as she continued insisted she coughed “inside her mouth”, prompting the man to inquire if she was "a doctor".

Australia has been gripped by fear over the spread of the virus which has affected 75 Aussies.

The news comes after a brawl broke out in an Australian supermarket aisleafter a pair of panicking shoppers cleared the shelves of loo roll.

Three women were filmed slugging it out inside a Woolworths store in Chullora near Sydney as the coronavirus meltdown takes grip in the country.

It's reported the fight was sparked when a mother and daughter were spotted grabbing the last rolls in stock.The shocking clip shows one woman pulling the hair of another during the heated bust up.

One yells: "I just want one packet."

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