City Hall’s latest bid to make ThriveNYC look like less of a disaster

City Hall didn’t completely shut down ThriveNYC this week, because that would be too blatant an admission that First Lady Chirlane McCray’s signature mental-health effort was a total disaster, which would be a problem for her run to become the next Brooklyn borough president.

But with even perfectly progressive pols outraged at the waste on so important an issue, the mayor’s minions felt compelled to cut Thrive down.

In her progress report, ThriveNYC Director Susan Herman said, “Where programs did not work as well as we hoped, we are trying new approaches.”

That translates to junking 23 of the 54 programs that Thrive once encompassed. And to what officials say will be a new focus on helping New Yorkers with serious mental illness, as critics have demanded from the start.

Somehow, though, its budget will only drop by about 9 percent, remaining over $200 million a year.

Time and time again, McCray has refused to detail where Thrive’s cash is going (or how the program’s even trying to assess whether its efforts actually work), while maintaining she has nothing to hide. She’s taking the same dodge on this overhaul, telling WPIX-11, “I’m not going to give you the numbers on this show. It would take too long.”

Fact is, the first lady had no major management experience when Mayor Bill de Blasio handed her this leadership role, and it showed.

If he’s successful in engineering her move into the Beep’s office in the 2021 election, Brooklynites better hope she’s learned from her repeated failures.

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