Chancellor Rishi Sunak will use £100m of Budget on sentences

Chancellor Rishi Sunak will use £100m of Budget to toughen up community sentences by imposing stricter curfews on newly-released prisoners and handing them ‘sobriety tags’

  • Rishi Sunak to ‘toughen up community sentences’ in Britain’s budget tomorrow
  • Chancellor will set aside £100million to bolster the probation service
  • Convicted criminals released from prison will face tighter constraints on licence 

Rishi Sunak will use tomorrow’s Budget to ‘toughen up community sentences’ to make Britain’s streets safer.

The Chancellor will set aside £100million to bolster the probation service and support victims of rape and sexual assault.

Convicted criminals released from prison on licence half-way through their sentences will face tighter constraints, including stricter curfews.

And offenders known to commit crimes after drinking will be fitted with so-called ‘sobriety tags’, which monitor their location and sample skin perspiration to determine whether they have consumed alcohol.

Rishi Sunak is expected to promise the money to bolster the probation service. He is shown leaving after a government Cobra meeting on Monday

Last night Mr Sunak promised ‘new funding to toughen up community sentences, crack down on domestic abuse and provide victims with the support they need’, as a cross-party group of MPs called for a major investment in youth services to help prevent knife crime and protect children from a life of crime and violence.

Mr Sunak is also expected to pledge £9million to tackle fly-tipping and double cash for flood defences to £5.3billion.

Last week the Treasury announced that Mr Sunak will commit to new laws to protect the future of cash as free-to-use ATMs disappear from the high street. Another £5billion will be set aside for faster broadband across the country by 2025.

Mr Sunak will also announce that disabled people will benefit from a £30million investment in fully accessible public toilets, while the ‘tampon tax’ – VAT on sanitary products – will be abolished in 2021.

MP Robert Halton (centre) and other Tory MPs wait to hand a letter to the Chancellor calling on him not to ‘balance environmentalism on the backs of working people’

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