Casey White and Vicky White's motel hideaway revealed

EXCLUSIVE: Casey and Vicky White’s motel hideaway revealed: Fugitive couple spent six nights holed up at a Motel 41 in Indiana after paying local man ‘a few hundred bucks’ to book them a $44-per-night room under his name

  • Prison guard Vicky White, 56, and her inmate lover Casey White, 38, spent six days holed up in a Motel 41 in Evansville, Indiana, after fleeing Lauderdale County Detention Center in Florence, Alabama, on April 29 
  • can reveal the couple was aided by a local man who they paid ‘a few hundred bucks’ to book a room for them for 14 days, using his identity and cash 
  • Speaking exclusively to Motel 41 manager Paul Shaw revealed: ‘A local man with a local ID checked in and signed the stub. I never saw them – I wish I had – but they stayed in the room’ 
  • The pair were staying in room 150 on the ground level of the motel, where accommodation costs about $44 a night not including a $25 cash deposit required upon booking
  • Speaking to Tuesday, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding confirmed that a third party had made the booking but said the man had not broken any laws
  • He said the man had no prior connections to the couple who appeared to have enlisted his help at random
  • Images obtained by show the simple rooms with an open clothes rack for hanging garments, small table and wall mounted television like the one in which White and Vicky stayed
  • The pair’s 11-day stretch on the lam ended after a police chase Monday night which resulted in Vicky fatally shooting herself before cops could arrest her and Casey surrendering

Casey and Vicky White were aided by a local man who checked them into the motel in Evansville, Indiana, where the couple planned to lay low for two weeks, can exclusively reveal.

The fugitive lovers reached the end of the line Monday night when their 11-day-stretch on the lam came to a tragic conclusion after a car chase that resulted in Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s officers ramming the couple’s stolen Cadillac off the road and into a ditch.

Moments later, Sheriff Dave Wedding said at a press conference held Tuesday morning, Vicky, 56, shot herself. She later died from the injuries that he described only as ‘grave.’

Sheriff Wedding held a picture of Casey White, 38, aloft as he told how the felon intended to engage in a shoot-out had his vehicle not flipped, thwarting his plan. The couple were heavily armed with four semi-automatic 9mm handguns and an AR-15 recovered from the car.

This is a general view of the Motel 41 in Evansville, Indiana, where prison guard Vicky White, 56, and her inmate lover Casey White, 38, spent six days holed up after fleeing Lauderdale County Detention Center in Florence, Alabama on April 29

Images obtained by show the simple rooms with an open clothes rack for hanging garments, small table and wall mounted television like the one in which White and Vicky stayed 

The pair were staying in room 150 on the ground level of the motel, where accommodation costs about $44 a night not including a $25 cash deposit required upon booking

Casey White is seen in his new mugshot (left) after being taken into custody in Indiana on Monday, bringing an end to an 11 day manhunt. His prison guard lover Vicky White, meanwhile, died of a gunshot wound upon being cornered

The sheriff said that prison escapee showed ‘no remorse’ for the death of the woman he described as his ‘wife.’ 

Now has exclusively learned that the couple, who share a last name but are not related, arrived in Evansville on May 3 and received assistance by a local man whose identity remains unknown.

Speaking exclusively to Motel 41 manager Paul Shaw revealed: ‘They stayed in a room not in their name. Somebody else rented the room and checked them in.

Motel 41 manager Paul Shaw told the runaway couple was staying in a room booked under a third party’s name

‘A local man with a local ID checked in and signed the stub. I never saw them – I wish I had – but they stayed in the room.’

According to Shaw: ‘People come and go here, we don’t keep track.’

There were few cars in the motel parking lot when visited the two-story facility Tuesday.

Rooms are all accessed independently by exterior doors and guests need never walk through the small reception area except to use the vending machine or to check in – a process that White and Vicky avoided.

‘The police have all of the information and the ID. They have been here and spoken to everybody,’ Shaw said. 

Shaw, an electrical engineer by trade, said that he works the morning shift and never saw White or Vicky who, police say, attempted to disguise herself with a variety of red and blonde wigs.

Sheriff Wedding revealed that $29,000 in cash was recovered from White and Vicky’s vehicle, money which, he said, was ‘what was left’ of the $90,000 cash that Vicky got from the sale of her house and reportedly withdrew over several weeks.

The Motel 41 demanded cash deposits for guests. A local man paid ‘a few hundred bucks’ to secure the room for Vicky and Casey White for two weeks

Investigators recovered $29,000 in cash of the $90,000 Vicky had withdrawn from her account in the months leading up to their escape

These are all of the weapons the couple had in their Cadillac when they were rammed into a ditch by police yesterday 

Asked where the bulk of the money had gone, Sheriff Wedding told ‘They spent it. They spent it on multiple vehicles, equipment, a gun, hotel, meals, clothes…$60,000 can go pretty quick if you’re spending $6,000 a pop.’

Vicky used some of the cash and an alias to purchase the bronze 2007 Ford Edge in which they initially fled before abandoning it on a rural road in Tennessee about two hours north of the Florence, Alabama, jail from which White was sprung.

According to US Marshalls the couple then spent $6,000 on a Ford F-150 which was spotted parked at an odd angle at an Evansville carwash where White was also pictured on surveillance footage.

US Marshals Commander Chad Hunt said at Tuesday’s press conference that the couple are believed to have purchased another vehicle. 

But the grey Cadillac in which they ultimately fled and that was spotted by a patrol officer at the Motel 41 came up as stolen when the officer ran its plates on May 4.

Shaw said that the local man who reserved Room 150 for the couple booked it for 14 days and paid in cash. Rooms at Motel 41 cost approximately $44 a night along with a $25 cash deposit required upon booking.

The pair were caught Monday afternoon after leading US Marshals on a car chase that lasted ‘less than a few minutes’. They had been in Evansville, Indiana, since May 3

Vicky White, who was driving, was found pinned inside with a gunshot wound to the head, said US Marshal Matt Keely

The two were found 219 miles away from the jail they left in Alabama on April 29. The manhunt spanned three different states

Ultimately the couple spent only six days there, and according to Shaw, the man who made the booking has now taken occupancy of the room.

Speaking to Sheriff Wedding confirmed that a third party had made the booking and said that the man who had been paid, ‘a few hundred bucks’ had not broken any laws.

He said that the man had no prior connections to the couple who appeared to have chosen him for the task at random.

Images obtained by show the simple rooms with an open clothes rack for hanging garments, small table and wall mounted television like the one in which White and Vicky stayed.

Shaw would not give details of the man but said: ‘The police know everything. Casey and Vicky were never technically here, they were never on the books, and they didn’t check in under false names. You cannot check in here without a valid ID. This man checked in for them.’

According to Sheriff Wedding, White and Vicky had ‘no connections’ to the area and had simply intended to lay low while they figured out where to go next.

Surveillance video previously released showed Vicky helping Casey escape from the Lauderdale County Jail, where he had been incarcerated on April 29. The pair then fled together before being found 11 days later nearly 300 miles away

CCTV footage released last Wednesday showed Vicky and Casey driving to the Florence Square shopping center on Friday where they abandoned the sheriff’s car used during the escape

The couple then switched getaway vehicles, using Vicky’s a rust-colored SUV that was later found abandoned in College Grove, Tennessee

Former correctional officer Vicky White was seen checking out of the Quality Inn in Florence, Alabama, the morning she was seen helping her convict lover escape jail 

He said that as much as they had a plan it was ‘a faulty plan’ and that White had given no indication that they had been headed to any particular destination.

Timeline of Vicky White and Casey White’s escape

April 18: Jail guard Vicky White sold her Lexington home. Public records revealed she sold the property for $95,550, which was below market value. She started living with her mother after the sale.

April 28: Vicky submits retirement paperwork to officials at Lauderdale County Jail. According to Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, she had been discussing her retirement for many months and ‘talked about going to the beach’.

Pre-prison break: In the week ahead of the escape (specific dates unknown) Vicky purchased men’s clothing at a Kohl’s store and visited a sex shop. It is unclear if she bought anything at the adult toy store.

Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly claims she also withdrew $90K in cash out of a series of bank accounts.

April 29 at 5.21am: Vicky checks out of a Quality Inn Florence, Alabama.

8.47am: Transport Van 5 leaves the Lauderdale County jail with seven inmates escorted by two deputies

8.56am: Transport Van 2 leaves the jail with five inmates also escorted by two deputies

9.20am: Assistant Director Vicky White tells a deputy to prepare inmate Casey White for transport to courthouse. Deputy removes White from his cell, takes him to booking and handcuffs him and shackles his legs.

9.41am: Vicky leaves detention center with Casey and head to the courthouse for a ‘mental health evaluation.’ She told the booking officer that she is the only deputy available who is firearm-certified and that she’s dropping him off to other deputies at the courthouse. Vicky says she’s then going to Med Plus for a personal appointment.

9.49am: Surveillance video shows Vicky’s police cruiser parked at the nearby Florence Square shopping center parking lot eight minutes after leaving the jail. ‘There was not enough time for them to even attempt to try to come to the courthouse,’ Sheriff Rick Singleton said.

11.34am: A Florence Police Department officer spots her cruiser.

3.30pm: Booking officer reports to administration that they’ve been trying to contact Vicky to check on her, and that her phone is going directly to voice mail. The officer also says that Casey was not returned to the detention center with other inmates.

Approximately 11pm: College Grove, Tennessee resident Jackie Adams finds Vicky’s SUV – with tinted windows and no tags – abandoned by her home. She reported the vehicle to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, which had it towed.

May 1: Us Marshals offer a $10,000 bounty – now up to $25,000 – for Casey

May 3: US Marshals issued a warrant for Vicky. charging her with permitting or facilitating escape in the first degree in connection with capital murder

May 4: Vicky and Casey were seen driving around Florence in a police cruiser on gas station surveillance

May 6: Tennessee cops discover the impounded SUV belonged to Vicky, spurring a force of US Marshals, Williamson County Sheriff’s Officers, and SWAT members to circle back to Adams’ property. 

Drones and helicopters descended on Adams’ home – where they remained for hours and into the evening.

2.15pm: The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office tweets ‘there is NO sign the two are still in our area.’

May 7: Connolly reveals investigators’ theory that Vicky is rolling Casey, dressed as a woman, around in a wheelchair. Officials also suspect Vicky might be disguising herself as an elderly woman with a grey wig. 

May 9: US Marshals search for the couple in Evansville, Indiana after authorities locate a vehicle that had been reported stolen in the area of Tennessee where Vicky’s SUV was abandoned.

The couple is then caught after a brief car chase in Evansville, Indiana. Casey White surrenders. Vicky White is taken to the hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  

Source: WAAY-TV, Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, NewsNationTODAY and

Ironically the motel, formerly a Motel 6, and situated on Old Highway in the shadow of a now abandoned shopping plaza, is only a stone’s throw from Vanderburgh County Sheriff Department Headquarters and the jail in which White is currently being held awaiting extradition back to Alabama.

In the end, they were rammed into a ditch by US Marshals. Vicky shot herself before police swooped on the vehicle and Casey surrendered. 

Initially, police said she killed herself. Audio of a dispatch call between 911 operators reveals that Vicky told them she was holding the gun and had her finger on the trigger. However on Tuesday, it remained unclear if she killed herself or if Casey shot her. An autopsy is pending. 

‘When we made the arrest yesterday afternoon, when we were taking Casey into custody he said: “Help my wife, she just shot herself.” Obviously, there’s an ongoing investigation to determine just that,’ Marshal Chad Hunt told Good Morning America Tuesday.

White is now in custody in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, but is due to be transported back to Alabama.  

On Tuesday morning, he waived his right to an extradition hearing in Indiana, telling a judge: ‘I want to go back to Alabama.’

It’s unclear when he will be extradited. Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said at a press conference on Tuesday that he would be transferred into the custody of Alabama sheriffs secretly, out of the view of the media. 

White confessed to investigators that he had planned to fight officers in a shootout. 

‘He said he was probably going to have a shootout at the stake of both of them losing their lives. Their plan was pretty faulty – they’re criminals. It failed. Thank god,’ Sheriff Wedding said. 

‘He said he was just trying to find a place to lay low, hide out. They thought they’d driven long enough and they wanted to stop for awhile and get their bearings.

‘We don’t believe they had any relatives, friends in the area,’ he said.

Vicky was said to have been driving the pair’s getaway vehicle when it crashed during a police chase.

On Tuesday morning, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Sheriff Singleton said she was the ‘mastermind’ of their logistical escape plan, but it’s unclear who came up with the idea to get Casey out. 

‘To go from day one, thinking she’s been kidnapped and maybe in danger then finding out she took him out willingly, then trying to determine was she threatened or coerced in some way…then finding out that she was basically the mastermind behind the whole plan. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster. 

‘Obviously, he was behind bars – he couldn’t have planned too much behind bars. Personally, I think she was the one who put the plan together. She was in a position of knowledge. She made sure the other armed deputies were out, she arranged to purchase the getaway car, she sold her house got her hands on cash, went shopping.

‘She obviously put the plan together,’ he told CNN.  

The pair had been on the run since April 29, when former assistant director of corrections Vicky helped White break out of Lauderdale County Jail in Alabama under the guise of taking him for a mental health check.

Vicky was initially seen in her police cruiser, but later changed vehicles and  took off to Tennessee before dumping that car and picking up another. It’s unclear what their plan was before they were caught.

In the months leading up to the escape, the prison guard sold her home and withdrew $90,000 in cash from her bank account. She was due to retire the day after the prison break. 

Vicky had been seen entering and exiting the motel room in a wig. She and Casey are believed to have been having a secret affair for more than two years. 

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