Brit mum, 57, BANNED from Ryanair flight home from Italy as Covid test result says 'negativo' instead of 'negative'

A BRITISH mum was barred from boarding her flight home from Italy as her Covid test result said 'negativo' not 'negative'.

Afsaneh Parvizi-Wayne said the ordeal caused her family "unnecessary stress" after a lovely holiday – all over one vowel.

The businesswoman, her husband Chris and their daughter had been enjoying a week-long trip to southern Italy before completing the required paperwork for flying back to England.

This included the Passenger Locator Form and a coronavirus antigen test, which came back negative.

The trio checked in to their 10pm Ryanair flight at Bari International Airport, only to be told at the gate they couldn't board the plane.

Airline staff put it down to the fact their test results were in Italian, rather than English, French or Spanish, as required by the UK government.

Afsaneh said they were told to "step aside" or cabin crew would call the police.

The 57-year-old told The Sun Online: "We were in complete disbelief.

"The test literally said Covid-19 antigen rapido negativo."

Doctor Chris, an obstetrics and gynaecology specialist, kicked up a fuss as he had allocated theatre scheduled for the following day.

But the family, from London, were told they would need to get another test, with the results in English, and catch the next available flight out of Bari in the amber list country – which wasn't until 10pm the next day.

Afsaneh described the rules as "bureaucracy gone mad" and said she had no idea about the "red tape".

She added: "It is completely nonsensical legislation. All over one vowel – o not e.

"These are 'footnote' rules. The whole thing is mad."

The family, who have all had both vaccines, were finally allowed to board "at the 11th hour" but were told they would "have to deal with the consequences" upon landing at London Stansted on September 5.

Thankfully they got through security without any problems, but she fears others might not be so lucky.


Official government rules state Covid test results must be in either English, French or Spanish to be able to travel to England.

"Translations will not be accepted," it adds.

The paperwork must also include your name, which must match your travel documents, date of birth, test result, sample date, test provider, their contact details and the device used.

Travellers are warned they may not be allowed to board or travel to England without this, and could be forced to cough up £500 if fined.

Afsaneh, founder of natural period care brand Freda, now wants to warn other families hoping for a much-needed getaway abroad about the "little known regulation".

"People should know about this. We did our tests with a certified lab and still had all of this happen," she said.

It was a lot of unnecessary stress all over one vowel.

"If you check the government website, really go searching, you will see these rules, but it was totally news to us.

"Apparently the UK government only accepts test results in English, French and Spanish. I'm not sure what the problem with German and Italian is?

"I know Ryanair were just doing their job, but it was a lot of unnecessary stress all over one vowel."

A Department for Transport spokesperson confirmed it is the responsibility of the airline to check passengers have the correct paperwork rather than Border Force, and both airlines and travellers can be fined.

The Sun Online has contacted Ryanair and Laboratorio Analisi Chimico for comment.

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