Baby mutilated during horrific monkey attack when beast opened door and sank teeth into his stomach

A TWO-month-old baby has been left mutilated after a vicious monkey opened a 'locked' door and sank its teeth into the child's stomach.

The 50-day-old boy was bitten numerous times and dragged around on the floor by the beast, after it entered his family home in Butterworth, Malaysia.

The predator attacked when the baby was in the living room while his mother was in the kitchen. 

Upon hearing the 50-day-old crying loudly, the mother checked the living room to find her bloodied son on the floor and the animal standing near the front door of the house.

The family's house was reportedly locked at the time of the attack and it is thought that the monkey gained entry by shaking the door until the latch opened.

According to a police report filed by the woman's 27-year-old husband, who had come home with his other child shortly after the attack, the baby had bite marks on his right cheek, the back of his head and his abdomen.

According to the same report, his stomach had been mutilated to the extent that his intestines were spilling out.

The man rushed the baby boy to hospital, where he underwent surgery to fix his torn abdomen on January 10. 

The injured baby is due to remain in hospital for a fortnight before being discharged.

The city council is reported to have caught the wild monkey responsible for the attack, however authorities haven’t said what has happened to the animal.

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