America’s most expensive home on market for $340MILLION with 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms and wing for charity galas'

THE world’s largest home is up for sale for $340 million, a colossal price tag making it the most expensive home listed for sale in American history.

The 105,000 square-foot mansion in the famous Los Angeles neighbourhood of Bel-Air boasts 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, five swimming pools and a four-lane bowling alley, as well as a ‘philanthropy wing for charity galas’.

The house, which also features a 30-car garage and a movie theatre, is surrounded by a moat on three sides.

According to Architectural Digest it appears to ‘float above the city’.

The huge home named ‘The One’ took eight years to build and required the manpower of more than 600 workers.

Fillm producer Nile Niami owns the five acres of land on which the mansion is set, and enlisted the pair to create the contemporary castle. The vision was to  create a house that was light, bright and low fuss.

New photographs featured in Architectual Digest offer a glimpse into the newly-completed home, which was designed by architect Paul McLean and decorated by interior designed Kathryn Rotondi. 

'We wanted to provide that quintessential L.A. living but on a bigger scale.. To allow the home to feel livable,' McLean told Architectural Digest.   

McLean said the project felt simultaneously “intimidating and exciting”.

'It was approached with excitement and was thrilling to create, but I don't think any of us realized just how much effort and time it would take to complete the project.' 

Interior pictures show floor to ceiling windows, making use of the stunning setting by providing 360 degree views. The lucky inhabitants will have views stretching all the way out to the Pacific Ocean in the west and the San Gabriel Mountains in the east.

The entirety of Downtown Los Angeles can also be seen from the mansion's 10,000-square-foot sky deck.  

Simple furniture, a neutral colourway and contemporary artwork complete the look.

The home's asking price was more than double that of the most expensive house ever sold in America – a home in New York state's Hamptons that fetched $137 million in 2014. 

Despite the sky-high asking price, owner Niami was confident the property wouldn’t languish long on the market. 

'When you have something that's as rare as the Mona Lisa you can command whatever you want for it,' he told Bloomberg last year. 


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