Who's dead in Emmerdale as gun goes off during Cain and Al's final fight?

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) finally discovered Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Al Chapman’s (Michael Wildman) affair in Emmerdale tonight, and there really was only one way the ordeal would end – badly.

It was Chas hiding her phone in a small box on a unit that set the showdown in motion as, when Cain was in the pub backroom, he heard the device ringing and wondered what was going on.

Grabbing the phone, Cain checked out the messages which all proved his sister had been betraying Paddy (Dominic Brunt) for ages, it was now just a question of who?

Calling the number, Cain’s face dropped to the floor when Al answered.

Back at home, Cain still had Chas’ phone in his hand and used it to send Al a message, instructing him to meet at a barn as their (Chas and Al’s) plans had now changed.

As a naïve Al made his way over to see Cain, Chas was a few steps behind them, having just realised her phone has gone missing.

Once Paddy revealed that Cain had been in, Chas knew.

Meanwhile, in the barn, Al had arrived to see Cain with a shotgun in his hand.

Initially, Cain told his enemy that the gun was just there for show, as they were going to fight fist to fists – and they did.

As things got out of hand, it was a comment from Al about how much he needs Chas in his life that tipped things over the edge for Cain.

They both made a beeline for the gun and as we panned out of the barn, the weapon went off…which just leaves us with one question – who has been shot?

Given recent reports about Michael Wildman leaving the show, does this mean Cain has killed Al?

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