When did Tempest Storm and Elvis date?

Burlesque legend Tempest Storm has died at the age of 93.

Storm was romantically linked to several famous faces including John F. Kennedy & Elvis Presley- but when did Tempest Storm and the rock n' roll legend date?

Who was Tempest Storm?

Hailed as “The Last Queen of Burlesque,”, Tempest Storm died on April 21, 2021 at her home in Las Vegas.

The veteran exotic dancer, born Annie Banks, passed away surrounded by her fellow burlesque performers Kalani Kokonuts and Miss Redd.

Dubbed, "The tempest in a D-cup,", Storm had a difficult childhoohd.

Growing up, the dancer had a particularly bad relationship with her stepfather & she eventually left home at 14, with dreams of Hollywood.

Tempest got a job as a waitress, marrying a marine she came across while working in an attempt to legally emancipate her from her parents.

However, the marriage was annulled after 24 hours and Tempest Storm returned home.

The star left home permanently a year later with $600 in savings in her purse.

She met Lillian Hunt, a talent spotter at the Follies Theatre, who suggested she performed stripping.

The star said: "I was scared to death and the last thing in the world I wanted to be was a stripper – but I finally went to see her and she gave me a job in the chorus line. It paid $40 a week, the most I'd ever made in my life."

In 1956, Tempest Storm signed a 10-year contract that paid her a minimum of $100,000 a year, making her the highest paid stripper in Hollywood.

She also had her breasts insured for $1 million.

The star was known for causing a stampede of thousands of male students after making an appearance at the University of Colorado.

“They must have been shut up for months without women,” she said. “They rushed me like a herd of cattle.”

Storm, known for starring in several Russ Meyer films, has several Hollywood friends including Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Storm, who was diagnosed with dementia, performed well into her 80s, making her final onstage appearance in June 2010 at a Burlesque Hall of Fame reunion show. She fractured her hip that night, putting an end to her work as a dancer.

When did Tempest Storm and Elvis date?

Tempest dated Elvis Presley in 1956.

She was appearing at the Bellagio Hotel (formerly known as the Dunes) in Las Vegas when she met the king of rock n' roll.

She said: "He came over and sat down – he had the most beautiful eyes – and we got into a relationship and it was absolutely fantastic. He was a real Southern gentleman. Very polite.”

When did Tempest Storm and JFK date?

Her alleged fling with JFK reportedly started before he became president.

“I met him in 1957 when he was a senator. It was a great relationship. He was a great man in his politics and everything," she claimed.

"I hadn’t seen him for years, and the last time I saw him, I said, ‘You’re going to be president,’ and he said, ‘I hope you’re right!’"

Who else did Tempest Storm date?

Aside from Elvis & JFK, Storm was also romantically linked to Mickey Rooney, Louis Armstrong, Sammy Davis Jr. and gangster Mickey Cohen, among others.

How did Tempest Storm die?

At her deathbed were Tempest Storm's fellow performers, as well as her manager and business partner, Harvey Robbins.

When interviewed, Robbins refused to cite a cause of death.

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