Wendy Williams slammed for claiming Britney Spears needs to be 'controlled' as 'Free Britney' movement rages on

WENDY Williams fans are slamming the star for insisting pop star Britney Spears needs to be "controlled."

The daytime talk show host made the controversial remarks as the Free Britney movement rages on.

On Monday Wendy said during Hot Topics following the premier of the documentary, Framing Britney Spears: "I think that her father is a good man… I've heard that she still needs to be controlled, and she needs to have someone that's controlling her finances, and controlling who she is friends with and where she goes and what time she's coming in, and don't drive a car.

"And if you do make sure that security is with you then they can take the wheel in case you can't and you're not such a good driver. I feel bad for her. It made me very very sad…. I want to see Britney get well and then she's still young enough and beautiful enough to come back on the scene and captivate all of us again. She's that girl.

Then on Tuesday Wendy continued: "I still do believe in my opinion that Britney does need someone to guide over her finances and be a custodian and a guardian in her life. She doesn't have that type of person already. Normally, if you were married that would be your husband, or if you were underage that would be your parents…"

Since then Wendy's viewers have criticized her comments on the Instagram account Saint Hoax saying: "Wendy is so problematic for no reason."

Another agreed: "'She needs to be controlled.' Sad that a woman is saying this about another woman."

A third commented: "Wendy needs to stop talking about this topic. She's clearly way uneducated on this."

Others shared: "Even the language: she needs to be controlled. She needs to be protected she's got it all wrong."

Yesterday, Britney Spears, who has sons Sean Preston and Jayden James with her ex husband Kevin Federline,scored her first legal win over her father Jamie Spears during over the singer’s ongoing conservatorship. 

A judge ruled that Jamie will no longer have sole control over his daughter’s multi-million dollar fortune following public outcry supporting the #FreeBritney movement. 

Last year, the legendary pop star filed a court petition to remove her dad, Jamie, as the sole conservator over her estate. 

The 39-year-old singer proposed a financial institution handle her massive net worth and assets instead of her father.

Her longtime attorney, Sam Ingham, claimed last year Britney was “afraid” of Jamie and urged the judge to let a professional bank take over her finances. 

Judge Brenda Penny denied Britney’s petition but did appoint Bessemer Trust as a co-conservator along with Jamie.

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