Virgin River season 3 theories: Did Preacher shoot Jack in huge plot twist?

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Virgin River season three is on the way for Netflix and the second season ended on a huge cliffhanger. Bar owner Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) was shot by an anonymous killer at his place of work. Fans are still trying to figure out who shot Jack, and some fans have suggested it could be his friend Preacher (Colin Lawrence).

Did Preacher shoot Jack?

Virgin River fans are still on the edge of their seats as they try and get to the bottom of who shot Jack Sheridan.

He had just taken his relationship with nurse Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) to the next level before the shocking incident.

Jack had visited the bar to grab some food for himself and Mel, when fans heard a gunshot and Jack fell to the ground, bleeding.

Mel arrived just in time and fans are certain he will survive, but the identity of his attacker remains a mystery.

While many people believe it was his ex-girlfriend, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), some have suggested it could be his best friend, Preacher.

They took to the online platform Reddit to discuss the theory, with one saying: “In a plot twist Preacher could be the shooter.

“Tension was building between them. Preacher feeling unappreciated by Jack and stressed by the Paige/Wes situation.

“Not to mention, he’s now young Christopher’s illegal guardian. He goes to the bar to tell Jack he accepted a job in San Fran and has to leave immediately to protect Christopher.

“Jack is confused and demands answers. They talk about their issues. Preacher opens up about Paige and Wes.

“Jack and Preacher argue over his involvement in Wes’ disappearance. Then, he says something about Paige that sends Preacher over the edge.

“Jack whispered to Mel, stay. He could have whispered the name of the shooter. Perhaps he’s protecting someone, for now. Someone very familiar.”

Tensions were starting to rise between Preacher and Jack as they had fallen out over the management of the bar.

Preacher wanted to be taken seriously by Jack, who was preoccupied with his personal life.

He was given a new opportunity by the mysterious character Jamie (Carmel Amit), who had offered him a job in San Franciso.

Therefore it is possible things did come to a head between Preacher and Jack, regarding his career.

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Another fan said: “I assumed it was someone from the camp…but I kind of love the Preacher plot twist.

“It doesn’t fit his character very well, but there was that tension between them this season and if they write it well enough, they could probably make it into a convincing story arc.”

There could also have been a discussion where Preacher revealed the truth to Jack about Paige’s identity.

Preacher would do anything to protect Paige (Lexa Doig), so if there was a heated discussion about her, Preacher could have reacted in a terrible way.

However, some fans are still convinced Preacher is not to blame for the shooting.

One viewer said: “It’s not Preacher, Brady or Calvin. Personally, I think it is Charmaine as she seems to become more and more unhinged or that young girl who just moved to town.

“That girl has been shipped away from home for a reason, IMO. It could also be Paige’s Ex-BIL, the Policeman looking for his twin brother.

“People in Virgin River talk and small town people remember any strangers that show up so, I am sure that when he showed up to the bar and spoke with Preacher that time, he knew his twin had been seen there recently and that Preacher knew Paige, or whatever her real name is.

“Typically, it would be Preacher who closes the bar and not Jack so, maybe Jack was just in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

Virgin River is streaming on Netflix now. 

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