Vikings season 6 part 2: Who is Idun, the Goddess of Youth?

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WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Vikings season 6 part 2

Vikings season six part two was the final instalment in the historical drama and all 10 episodes arrived at once on Amazon Prime Video. Hvitserk (played by Marco Ilsø) was mourning the death of his brother Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) when he was visited by Idun, the Goddess of Youth. Fans are keen to find out more about the goddess and why she came to save Hvitserk, and has all you need to know.

Who is Idun, the Goddess of Youth?

The final episodes of Vikings season six included some traumatic moments for fans, including the death of the seemingly indestructible Bjorn Ironside.

Hvitserk had watched his brother take his last breath in battle, and a shrine was built to preserve Bjorn and his legacy.

His brother Hvitserk felt guilty for the death of Bjorn, and he visited Bjorn’s shrine to pay tribute to him and ask for his forgiveness.

He came to the realisation he had nothing to offer as a son of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and sadness washed over him.

Hvitserk was about to give up on himself when he heard a female voice behind him, and a mysterious woman approached.

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Hvitserk recognised the woman as Idun, the Goddess of Youth, and she said she had been following Hvitserk for some time.

She explained how she had been watching over him and had experienced his lowest moments with him, and she wanted him to have some company.

The goddess was able to soothe Hvitserk, and she offered him food and drink, saying she would spend the night with him but would have to leave when the dawn came.

The pair spent the night together and, true to her word, the goddess had disappeared by the morning, leaving Hvitserk alone in his bed.

When Hvitserk went outside, he was seen walking through the pouring rain and he was crying.

He experienced a moment of hysteria, and his crying turned to laughter as he realised he was not alone.

The show’s creator, Michael Hirst, explained how Hvitserk’s character would see a drastic change in the final episodes.

His visit from the Goddess of Youth marked the start of the change in his character arc, as he started to understand his real purpose.

The character Idun, or “Iðunn” in Old Norse, is based on a real goddess from Norse mythology. Like in the series, she was known to have long golden hair.

She was the goddess of spring and eternal youth, and she was known to have guarded the apples of youth in Norse tales.

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She would supply the other gods and goddesses with these apples, in order to keep them young forever.

Norse tales reveal how the mischievous god Loki had lured Idun out of Asgard, tempting her with interesting apples. Once she had left Asgard, the gods there started to turn old and grey.

They realised Loki was responsible for Idun’s disappearance and they went after him.

There are other theories surrounding the goddess, including the idea she is linked to fertility.

The name Idun means “ever young” or the “rejuvenating one”, with this in mind, she may have visited Hvitserk in a bid to rejuvenate him and set him back on the right path.

Hvitserk had admitted he had felt so lost for so long, and he was started to regret leaving his brother Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) to join Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen).

He was starting to doubt the meaning of his existence, as he was the only son of Ragnar Lothbrok who had not achieved great things.

In this case, Idun was sent to rejuvenate his sense of purpose, and she sparked a keenness inside him to find out more about his destiny.

There is nothing to suggest Hvitserk will remain immortal as a result of coming into contact with her.

Instead, her presence helped him understand he is being watched over, and he is not as isolated as he believed himself to be.

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