Tipping Point viewers left speechless as contestant earns £1,500 in single drop

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One lucky Tipping Point player was left gobsmacked after he managed to score £1500 on a single drop.

Viewers at home couldn’t believe the contestants luck and took to Twitter to share their surprise.

On Tuesday’s show, presenter Ben Shephard welcomed the latest batch of four contestants into the ITV studio who were all ready to take on the coin-pushing machine.

Karen, Jordan, Chris and Richard were at the podiums in a bid to push over as many counters as they could in order to collect a cash prize to take home.

But one player gave himself a huge head start when he picked up a 15 counters in one drop, all worth £50 each.

He also managed to get the double counter to fall meaning his total was doubled, bringing him to a whopping £1500.

The other contestants could only look on in shock as the huge number of counters tipped over the shelf.

Viewers at home were shocked at the lucrative scoop, prompting some to flock to Twitter to chat about the huge drop.

“Damn Chris 15 counters with a double. 1500 quid drop,” said one fan.

Another chimed in to say: “F***ing hell 15 counter drop with the double…”

Other fans joked there was no point watching the rest of the show as it seemed obvious Chris would be heading to the final.

“Chris has won, so ITV may as well put on The Chase,” one viewer tweeted.

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“So, Chris the winner then? Unless someone else gets a big drop with the double, no one’s coming close,” someone else pointed out.

A third quipped: “£1500 on one drop. Might as well not bother watching the next 40 minutes now.”

“Well everyone can go home now. Chris has won,” added a fourth.

They proved correct and Chris ended up making it to the final round.

However he failed to live up to his early promise and he couldn’t get the jackpot counter beyond the second shelf.

He wisely turned down the opportunity to trade in his money for a chance at winning the £10k jackpot counter and took home a decent £2750.

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm

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