Tipping Point viewers brand show a fix as Ben Shephard dismisses points Cheapskates

Tipping Point: Ben Shephard in stitches at contestant's answer

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Ben Shephard was forced to discount some falling counters from Tipping Point contestant Lauren on Monday’s episode after they fell while she “wasn’t in play”. Fans watching the popular ITV gameshow took to social media to challenge the bizarre rule, with some claiming the show was “a fix”.

Ben witnessed a few counters falling before stating they wouldn’t “count”.

Following one of Lauren’s answers to a question, an array of counters fell.

“A little drop there, over in drop zone four,” the presenter pointed out.

He added: “So, unfortunately, Lauren, because those counters fell after your last counter had played out, you were no longer in play so they will have to be voided.”

“No problem,” Lauren replied before she was asked to make the all-important decision.

“You have the chance to leave today with £10,000,” Ben explained.

“As things stand, you’ve got £2,850 – you could walk away with that money right now or you can trade it for three final counters to put into the machine in hope of getting the jackpot counter out.”

He asked: “The question is, do you think three will be enough, Lauren?”

The player considered the options, answering: “If it was more in the middle then I think I’d probably be quite inclined to go for it.

“But because of where it is, it’s just too much of a risk, Ben.

“I think I’m going to have to just take the money please.”

As always, Ben then demonstrated what would have happened if Lauren had decided to play on.

Unfortunately, the jackpot counter ended up falling after the third go.

“Oh no!” Lauren exclaimed as she realised what she has narrowly missed.

“Oh, sorry – it was right there,” Ben commented.

Twitter user Carlt wrote: “She was dealt a bad hand with that ambient drop. ITV cheapskates #tippingpoint.”

Paul Craythorne added: “#tippingpoint Robbing t***s. She was still in play until she made her decision. Fix fix fix.”

“Hold on, what? Thought every counter that dropped in the final counted? F*** off #tippingpoint,” Wat Evernext fumed.

Nathan O’Carroll commented: “I thought you kept counters no matter when they fall in the last round? #tippingpoint.”

Steve Lowe penned: “Oh, what the f***?! #TippingPoint.”

David Axlerode asked: “How the hell can you get an ambient drop out of play in the final round? #tippingpoint.”

Laney posted: “Think these rules were made by number 10 and only apply when they want them to #tippingpoint.”

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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