The Walking Dead season 11: Daryl and Dog in danger as sneak peek hints at attack

The Walking Dead: AMC teases season 11 of hit show

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After premiering on AMC and first hitting the screens in 2010, The Walking Dead has become the network’s longest-running show. With the post-apocalyptic series returning with its 11th season, it seems as though the theme of fight or die hasn’t changed, a brand new sneak peek shows Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and his dog could be in danger with the looming attack.

The recently released Youtube clip saw Daryl and his dog walking in a dark underground tunnel with only his torch providing a source of light.

As he explored the eerie space, he not only noticed skeletons but was also reading the messages left on the walls by those that didn’t make it.

Daryl shone his torch across the wall and there emerged a creepy message which read ‘it comes for us all.’

The dead body that was against the wall was handcuffed to a briefcase of money and it looked as though the corpse had been there for a while as all skin had perished down to the bone.

Although the subway was abandoned, there was also tons of graffiti inside which suggested that other people had been there after the zombie apocalypse and were hiding out.

AMC had previously released a teaser for season 11 that showed Maggie Rhee (played Lauren Cohen) descending into a tunnel after she needed to find shelter.

After the survivors home Alexandria had been destroyed, the group needed to get food and things to rebuild their community.

Unfortunately, while they were en route the group led by Maggie encountered a bad storm and they were forced to take refuge in the underground.

The sneak peek showed fans that Maggie and the survivors were not alone in that subway tunnel.

Inside there were walkers whereas outside waiting for them was a group of unknown creatures named reapers.

This could be the same tunnel that Daryl and his dog were hiding out in, as they could’ve come together then split up to find some needed resources.

With the spooky message in the eerie tunnel, who knows what dangers could be waiting for them.

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This group of survivors have fought off countless amounts of Walkers, survived a ton of attacks from other survivors, but will this time be as straightforward?

With a new enemy identified as reapers waiting for them outside the tunnel, could the group successfully ward them off and get away?

After all, they know how to attack walkers but could these reapers be just as easy to get rid of or will it take more effort?

This upcoming season of The Walking Dead will be the last in the series and fans will be pleased the AMC is extending the series to 24 episodes.

The latest instalment will be split into three sections and spread across the year, with the first due to air in August.

Fans are also speculating if Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) will finally make a huge return after being missing for most of the series.

In order to find out what Daryl will encounter in the tunnel and if he will survive, along with the rest of the survivors, fans will have to stay tuned.

Season 11 will premiere on Monday 23rd August on Star on Disney+ and has been confirmed as the final season of the series.

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