The Pembrokeshire Murders finale leaves viewers in tears as killer John Cooper tries to pin murders on innocent son

THE Pembrokeshire Murders finale left viewers in tears after the serial killer ruthlessly tried to pin the murders on his innocent son.

The three-part ITV drama concluded last night, and saw serial killer John Cooper – played by Keith Allen – in court charged with two double murders in the 1980s.

*Spoilers ahead for the final episode of The Pembrokeshire Murders*

Despite the police's mounting evidence against him – including footage of him appearing on dart's game show Bullseye – John and his defence team tried to wiggle out of the crimes.

At one point, John even resorted to blaming his own son, Andrew – who had changed his name from Adrian to distance himself from his evil father – but thankfully justice prevailed and he was found guilty of both double murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Many viewers were left in tears by the scenes, with one writing on Twitter: "Wasn't it brilliant? Luke Evans was exciting but for me the standout performance was the actor who played Adrian Cooper. I was moved to tears."

Another added: "@TheRealLukevans & cast, Absolutely incredible acting, really enjoyed this! Felt like I was in that court room with them, had butterflies whist as everyone re-entered the court for the verdict, then eyes filled with tears as the guilty’s were read out xx."

A third tweeted: "Goosebumps & tears #pembrokeshiremurders well done to the team for sensitive portrayal of such horrific crimes. Thoughts with victims and their families and for everyone who might find this spotlight on a horrible true story upsetting & thanks to police involved in conviction."

Meanwhile a fourth was equally upset, writing: "Proper just burst into tears as they read the verdicts #pembrokeshiremurders."

A fellow viewer added: "#pembrokeshiremurders ahh crying for those ladies .. robbed of their teenage years .. must be a relief."

Other viewers were left outraged by the killer's attempts to blame Andrew for the murders.

The father and son's terrible relationship and the lasting effects it had on Andrew were explored across the three episodes but this was the final straw for many viewers.

One wrote: "How can a father hate a son so much he tries to pin the murders on him ?!? #pembrokeshiremurders."

Another tweeted: "His poor son! I hope he has found/ finds peace. You can't pick your family and deserves happiness #pembrokeshiremurders."

A third added: "#pembrokeshiremurders was absolutely brilliant! Superb acting. Shed a little tear at the end when the son went to his mam’s grave & said “sorry Mam I should have stayed” That man caused so much heartache."

The Pembrokeshire Murders is available on ITV Hub.

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