The Masked Dancer’s Louis Smith lied to girlfriend saying he hadn’t won the show

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The Masked Dancer winner Louis Smith tricked his girlfriend into thinking he’d come third in the competition so that she would be shocked when he was actually crowned the winner.

Speaking after he was unveiled as the show's champ Carwash, Louis, 32, revealed he wanted his partner Charlie Bruce to experience the surprise element of the show, just like viewers at home.

He told OK!: “When we filmed the final, I messaged her saying, ‘I only came third but I had a great time.”

“So up until this point she thought that I came third in the competition – up until she watched it.”

Continuing that it was great to see Charlie’s reaction when she realised that Louis had pulled the wool over her eyes, Louis added: “Obviously Zip came third and she was expecting my name to be read out.”

“She looked at me like, ‘what’s going on here?!’ And she was like, “you’ve lied to me, haven’t you?” So it was a nice surprise for her as well.”

Louis also revealed that Charlie, who is a professional dancer, didn’t watch any of his impressive routines until they were on our TV screens.

The star explained: “I said to her very early on that I was going to record my rehearsals so that I could take them home and use them as mental rehearsals.”

“I said: ‘do you want to see the dances or do you want me to keep it a surprise for you so you can watch it on the night?’”

Louis, who welcomed baby daughter Marley with Charlie in February, added: “In the end she said she’d save it for the night so she got to watch the dances for the first time on television.”

The Olympian also opened up about his reasons for signing up to the show, explaining he couldn’t wait to throw himself into the brilliantly bonkers competition.

Louis said: “The Masked Singer looks fun but you’ve got to be able to sing, whereas this is right up my street.”

He continued: “Having not done anything in lockdown apart from play too much Playstation – and get moaned at for doing it – it was a great opportunity to take a step outside this seriousness that we’re all dealing with and be a bit silly for a change and have some fun.”

“It definitely lived up to my expectations, and more I would say. It’s just a great, fun concept.”

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