The 'Harry Potter' Movies Will Return to HBO Max for a Limited Time

The Harry Potter franchise’s run on streaming has had more twists and turns than a quidditch match! All eightHarry Potter films are set to return to HBO Max on June 1, where they will be available to subscribers for only one month, through June 30.

HBO Max launched with the beloved wizard franchise last year, only to see its witches and wizards depart the streaming service at the end of August 2020. After that, the movies spent some time on another streaming service, Peacock, before leaving that streaming service as well.

Now that the films are back, if you’re a fan of the Potter-verse, it’d be a good time to subscribe to HBO Max, which costs $14.99 per month, with the ability to cancel anytime. In addition to Harry Potter, it’ll be a big month for the streaming service, with the release of the highly anticipated In The Heights movie, as well as a few other classic films set to hit the service, including Clueless, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Miss Congeniality and more.

Another iconic franchise on HBO Max is Friends, which has all seasons available for viewing on the streaming service, and a reunion special with the original cast premiering on May 27.

Watch the video below for what the cast told ET about their emotional return to set:

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow Talk Emotional Return to 'Friends' Set (Exclusive)

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