The Chase fans stunned as both Bradley Walsh AND contestant insist they've not watched The Simpsons

THE Chase fans were left stunned this evening as both Bradley Walsh AND a contestant insisted they've not watched The Simpsons.

Viewers struggled to believe that the claims were true when a question about the popular cartoon series came up on the ITV show.

Contract manager Gary, 65, was up against Mark 'The Beast' Labbett when Bradley asked: "Which of these catchphrases from The Simpsons is said during the opening sequence?"

The options were "Eat my shorts!", "D'oh!", and "Why you little…!", with Gary answering with the first option – but the answer is "D'oh!".

Turning to the host, he said: "I don't watch The Simpsons", to which Bradley replied: "No, me neither."

Mark also got the question wrong, opting for "Why You Little…!", but he shared his shock at getting the relatively easy question incorrect as he shook his head and said: "And how many 100s of times have I seen that?"

A response that fans at home found much more believable, with several flocking to Twitter to call out Bradley and Gary's claims that they don't watch the show – which has been on air since 1989.

One wrote: "Never seen the Simpsons Klaxon!"

Another sarcastically tweeted: "Bradley’s never watched The Simpson’s – and I’ve never used social media…"

A third said: "You’ve never watched the Simpsons? Really?"

One more shared their shock at Mark's blunder, writing: "Well, I'm astounded Mark didn't know the Simpsons question."

Despite Gary's slip-up, he returned to the panel alongside team-mates Kim and Kieran, with the trio attempting to beat The Beast in the final chase.

Unfortunately, they only managed to get 15 correct answers – with The Beast effortlessly beating them.

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