'The Challenge': Tori Deal Reveals How She Really Felt About TJ's Latest Twist — 'I Honestly Felt Like I Was In the 'Hunger Games''


  • The Challenge host TJ Lavin threw another twist at the remaining competitors ahead of the final.
  • Two more players will be eliminated on the episode airing December 8.
  • Tori Deal said the “night of eliminations” felt like the Hunger Games.

The Challenge featured another one of host TJ Lavin’s famous twists in episode 17 of Spies, Lies, and Allies. Just moments after the elimination took place, Lavin announced that the remaining competitors would take part in a “night of eliminations.” According to vet Tori Deal, the unexpected twist made her feel like she was in the Hunger Games.

The next episode of ‘The Challenge’ will eliminate two more players

After Logan Sampedro was sent home in the “Rocket Run” male elimination challenge, his opponent Emanuel Neagu thought he was going to get the choice of staying on Emerald or swapping to another team. But instead, Lavin told him to “rejoin the group” — which meant something big was coming.

Many competitors and fans thought this moment was the start of the finale. But with 10 players left, Lavin said it was time to send more people home while they were in the lair.

“Right here, right now, this is the night of eliminations,” Lavin said before the episode ended. Which means episode 18 of Spies, Lies, and Allies will see two more contestants eliminated before the highly-anticipated finale.

Emanuel Neagu told Tori and Aneesa he was excited about his big win

As one of the few remaining rookies on Spies, Lies, and Allies, Emanuel said on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast that he was feeling confident after winning elimination and thought the finale was next. But his feelings quickly changed when Lavin announced the twist.

Emmanuel told hosts Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira that when Lavin made the shocking announcement, he felt like everyone wanted him to go home.

“I think we’ve been talking too much about what’s gonna happen. We’ve been talking about purges. We’ve been talking about a lot of s**t, and then he was like, ‘You know what, guys? You’re here. Let’s get some more people sent home,’” Emanuel said.

Tori Deal compared ‘The Challenge’ twist to ‘The Hunger Games’

Lavin’s shocking announcement was the cliffhanger for episode 17. And as Aneesa pointed out, “He didn’t specify guys, girls…so we don’t know s***” about what’s coming next.

“It doesn’t seem fair to me that we have a night of eliminations and Kyle, and Emy, and CT are safe,” Aneesa said.

Tori wouldn’t reveal what’s coming in the next episode, but she did make it clear that the twist wasn’t fun for her or the other remaining contestants.

“It was the worst night ever. I honestly felt like I was in the Hunger Games,” Tori said.

The ‘night of eliminations’ format is a mystery

Lavin didn’t give away any details about what’s coming in the Night of Eliminations. Without specifics, the format of what’s coming in the next episode has remained a mystery. Since Lavin told Emanuel to rejoin his group, it appears they are still teammates. But, that’s unclear.

Fans also have questions about matchups, considering two more eliminations are coming. So far this season, the team that won the daily challenge — The Agency — picked one-half of the elimination matchup.

For the first half of the season, the rest of the cast voted in competitors. For the second half, the competitor voted into the elimination has chosen their opponent out of the competitors who weren’t part of The Agency.

How will ‘The Challenge’ determine matchups for the ‘Night of Eliminations’?

There are a number of possibilities for the matchups in “Night of Eliminations.” One is that the competitors who didn’t accomplish anything in the Dead Drop daily mission could all be up for elimination. They could also hold more votes among the final 10 competitors. Or, it could be completely random.

Fans will find out when the next episode of The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies airs on MTV, Wednesday, December 8. Which could also end up being the first part of the season finale.

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