Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason slammed for ordering stepson Kaiser, 7, to fetch him beers

JENELLE Evans' husband David Eason has been slammed for ordering his stepson Kaiser to fetch him beers.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star, 33, was caught berating the six-year-old on his Instagram Live for not getting the alcohol out of the freezer.

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In the video, the camera faces towards what appears to be a garage door, with David's voice heard in the background.

He yells: "Kaiser, did you go get the beers out of the freezer? I told you to get the beers out of the freezer man, you heard me."

Kaiser's response is intelligible and David goes on to say:"They're going to explode."

After a brief pause, David comes into the camera's view and tells fans he's going to get them himself.

The reality star's critics slammed him for talking to Kaiser "like he's an adult".

One wrote, "SCUMBAG," while another raged: "This is not Kaiser's problem! Talking to him like he's an adult, he's 7!"

A third posted: "I can’t imagine asking my 6 year old to grab a Dr. Pepper out of the fridge for me… much less a beer.

"What – and I cannot stress this enough – the f**k?"

Jenelle shares Kaiser with her ex Nathan Griffith.

She also has a four-year-old daughter, Ensley, with David and a son Jace, 11, with her ex Andrew Lewis.

This is not the first time David has been called out over the way he speaks to his children and stepchildren.

Back in April, he sparked outrage after threatening to "smack" Ensley for her claims that he killed a baby chick.

The clip – which has surfaced on several Teen Mom fan accounts – shows Ensley wondering over to a chicken coop in the family yard.

She says: "Hey, remember you killed a baby chick? Don't kill them again. Then I'll be so mad."

David says from behind the camera: "What? Girl, you have lost your mind. What are you talking about?"

Ensley repeats: "Yesterday, you killed a baby chick."

He asks, "Why would you say that?" and Ensley persists, "Because you did!"

David replies in an aggressive tone: "No I did not. I will smack you in the mouth."

The reality alum has a history of aggression with the family's pets.

In May 2019, he shot and killed Jenelle's dog Nugget after the pet allegedly nipped at Ensley's face.

The shooting led to Jenelle's kids being temporarily taken away by the CPS.

Last September, he was slammed for killing and eating their pet goat Elvis, who they had reared from birth.

The reality star, who previously called the goat "my baby," then posted a graphic image of Elvis' severed head in the trash.

David was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2018 after launching a "homophobic" Twitter rant where he compared members of the LGBTQ+ community to dogs.

In October 2019, Jenelle announced that she had left David and moved to Nashville with her children.

But in March 2020, she confirmed the two were working on their marriage, and "taking it slowly" after she claimed he "never abused" her.

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