Strictly viewers demand changes as pre-recorded results risks spoilers

Strictly Come Dancing viewers have hit out at BBC bosses telling them to get shot of the programme on Sunday nights.

Viewers blasted producers for trying to "pretend" that the results show was actually "live" when in fact it's quite obvious to many that the Sunday episodes are pre-recorded.

In the past, the programme has been slammed for leaks that have swarmed social media before the Sunday instalment had aired.

In the wake of Dan Walkers comments earlier this week, regarding the TV star refusing to "work on Sunday's" fans have spoke out on the matter – demanding that chiefs and organises scrap the extra results reveal all together.

Taking to twitter with their grumbles, online users piled in with their views in their masses.

"I don't know why they bother pretending that they hold the results show on a Sunday, we already know who has left before it airs. Just seems pointless. #Strictly," wrote one person.

Another chirped in: "Can #StrictlyComeDancing stop this charade of pretending that the results are live when it was filmed last night?

"They only started doing Sundays to rival the X Factor who did it – so now that X Factor isn't on anymore can they put the results back on Saturday again?! #Strictly"

While a third pointed out: "They really just need to get rid of Sunday night and do a longer live show on a Saturday……half the time some muppet on here will just spoil it all for everyone."

Meanwhile, it seems BBC Breakfast star Dan Walker may have kicked off the debate after he explained that Sunday's were off limits where work was concerned.

The red sofa anchorman, explained that he needed one day per week to reconnect with his family and faith.

Speaking with I newspaper, he explained: "I've always had that day as a family day. Sometimes, it's been difficult, and some people find it peculiar that that’s the stance I've chosen to take.

"But it's really important. I work a lot, so I have to make up for the fact that I'm not there.

"My faith is important to me. It's what makes me tick. Having that time to rest, gain perspective and concentrate on the important things in life keeps me grounded."

A source also told The Mail On Sunday that his professional dance partner Nadiya Bychkova would just have to "understand" that Sunday's were off the cards were Dan is concerned.

They said: "Dan's religion is very important to him and he won't be dancing on Sundays.

"It is a sacrifice he makes for his faith.

"While Nadiya will have to understand, the professional dancers become more competitive than the celebrities as the series draws to a close, the rivalry amongst them is huge."

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