Stacey Solomon uses her slippers to clean the kitchen cupboards as she thrusts to Dancing Queen – The Sun

STACEY Solomon has come up with a creative way to make house cleaning more fun and it involves ABBA.

The Loose Women panellist, 30, got down and dirty putting on a pair of mop slippers to writhe around her kitchen floor, all while grooving along to ABBA's Dancing Queen.

The mop slippers are designed to help a person clean their floors as they walk, but Stacey gets on her back in the video to slide her feet across her white tiles, with a hoover and cleaning spray in her hands, ready for action.

Posting the videos to Instagram, Stacey warns her three million followers: "Before they start… this is NOT an effective way to clean your cupboards."

"I don't recommend it," the mum of three goes on to say.

As she rocks and rolls around on her kitchen floor, her ankles are on show to which she comments: "Should have shaved my ankles."

Stacey added: "Happy Saturday everyone. Love you all."

The X-Factor star has become known for her crafty home and storage hacks, including recently organising her cluttered kitchen drawers using a cheap peg board from Amazon.

"So I've wanted to sort my dishes out for AGES and didn't know what to do with them," she posted on Instagram.

"So I bought a peg board for plates. And I can't tell you how excited I am that it's finally arrived.

"Basically I just laid the peg board out into different sections – you can make it what shape and size you need.

The I'm A Celeb winner's older sister Jenna filmed the hilarious videos after popping in for a visit.

Jenna is best known at The Label Lady on Instagram and is one of the key people behind Stacey's household organisation overhaul.

In the same series of Insta videos, Stacey is seen to stick some of her sister's custom labels on a jar for bath salts and rose petals.

The same jars make an appearance later in the evening as Stacey runs a bath for some "mummy time" but as soon as she "dipped one toe in the water", her nine-month old baby, Rex starts crying.

The next video show her partner and Dancing on Ice star, Joe Swash, 38, "save the day" by taking care of Rex so she can enjoy her bath.

Joe gives her a big smile in the video and is sporting a bandage around his head after undergoing a second surgery to drain more infected "goo" from his ear after being kicked with an ice-skate on the set of Dancing on Ice.

Stacey has developed a close friendship with cleaning guru, 30, who has clearly had an influence on how she organises and cleans her home.

The Sun Online revealed how similar they decorated their houses going for almost all-grey hue for their respective abodes.

It turns out the handy mums are not alone in their love of grey, as a recent survey found that nearly one in five people say grey is their favourite colour for decorating, leading to grey paint being the biggest seller.

Stacey lives in Essex with Joe and sons, 11-year-old Zachary, Leighton, seven, and Rex.

So much was Mrs Hinch's influence on Stacey, she even bought the exact same crib that Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, has for her son Ronnie.

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